Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
15	STR	5	12-	Lift 200 kg; 3d6 HTH Damage [1]
20	DEX	30	13-	OCV:  7/DCV:  7
15	CON	10	12-
11	BODY	2	11-
10	INT	0	11-	PER Roll 12-
11	EGO	22	11-	ECV:  4
13	PRE	3	12-	PRE Attack:  2 1/2d6
16	COM	3	12-

10	PD	7		Total:  10 PD (10 rPD)
8	ED	5		Total:  8 ED (8 rED)
4	SPD	10		Phases:  3, 6, 9, 12
15	REC	18
0	END	-15
40	STUN	13		Total Characteristic Cost:  106

Movement:	Running:	4"/8"
		Leaping:	2"/4"

Cost	Powers & Skills
7	Tireless Android:  Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) for up to 15 Active Points of STR
4	Tireless Android:  Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) for up to 8 Active Points of Running
2	Not Easily Impressed:  +5 PRE; Only vs. PRE Attacks (-1)
2	Tireless Android:  Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) for up to 4 Active Points of Leaping
39	Stick Grenades:  Multipower, 70-point reserve, all slots 24 Charges (+1/4); all slots OAF (-1), 
	Range Based On STR (-1/4)
3u	1)  Spread:  RKA 1d6+1, Explosion (+1/2), Autofire (10 shots; +2); OAF (-1), Range Based 
	On STR (-1/4)
	Notes:  She Can Throw A Maximum of 6, Not 5, Grenades In One Attack.
3u	2)  Concentration:  RKA 3d6, Explosion (+1/2); OAF (-1), Consumes 6 Charges (-1/4), Range 
	Based On STR (-1/4)
	Notes:  Dropping All In One Hex

	Martial Arts:  Commando Training
	Maneuver	OCV	DCV	Damage
3	Akido Throw	+0	+1	3d6 +v/5, Target Falls
4	Boxing Cross	+0	+2	5d6 Strike
4	Choke		-2	+0	Grab One Limb; 2d6 NND
4	Escape		+0	+0	30 STR vs. Grabs
3	Hold		-1	-1	Grab Two Limbs, 25 STR for holding on
4	Judo Disarm	-1	+1	Disarm; 25 STR to Disarm
4	Karate "Chop"	-2	+0	HKA 1d6 +1
4	Kung Fu Block	+2	+2	Block, Abort
2	Weapon Element:  Blades, Clubs				

10	Armored Skin:  Damage Resistance (12 PD/8 ED)
15	Android:  Does Not Bleed
2	Heavy Android Body:  Knockback Resistance -1"
5	Android Body:  Lack Of Weakness (-5) for Resistant Defenses
3	Android Senses:  +1 PER with all Sense Groups
5	Android Eyes:  Infrared Perception (Sight Group)
5	Android Eyes:  Nightvision
37	Android Physiology:  Life Support  (Eating: Character only has to recharge once per week; 
	Immunity All terrestrial poisons and chemical warfare agents; Immunity: All terrestrial diseases 	
	and biowarfare agents; Safe Environment: Zero Gravity; Safe in Low Pressure/Vacuum; Self-Contained 
	Breathing; Sleeping: Character does not sleep)
18	Internal Communicator:  Mind Link , Specific Group of Minds [Marciano and her 11 sisters], 
	No LOS Needed, Number of Minds (x16); Only With Others Who Have Mind Link (-1), Does Not Provide 
	Mental Awareness (-1/4)

2	Fringe Benefit:  One of the Twelve Sisters

3	Rangefinder:  Absolute Range Sense
3	Internal Chronometer:  Absolute Time Sense
9	Android Physiology:  Ambidexterity (no Off Hand penalty)
3	Inertial Compass:  Bump Of Direction
3	Math Coprocessor:  Lightning Calculator
4	Swift Data Processing:  Speed Reading (x10)

8	Combat Programming:  +1 with All Combat
5	Small Size:  +1 with DCV
1	Climbing 8-
3	Combat Driving 13-
3	Combat Piloting 13-
6	+2 with Hand Grenades
3	Demolitions 11-
2	PS: Assassin 11-
2	PS: Drawing 11-
1	Tactics 8-
6	TF:  Common Motorized Ground Vehicles, Science Fiction & Space Vehicles, Parachuting, Advanced, 
	Parachuting, Basic, Two-Wheeled Motorized Ground Vehicles, Wheeled Military Vehicles
5	WF:  Common Melee Weapons, Small Arms, Thrown Grenades, Vehicle Weapons
	Notes:  Thrown Grenades is 0 point cost.

Total Powers & Skill Cost:  264
Total Cost:  370

200+	Disadvantages
10	Distinctive Features:  Casual Observation will not reveal their nature but a close observation 
	will reveal, servo noises, glint in eyes, and so on. (Not Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable;
	Detectable By Simple Tests)
15	Hunted:  The Criminal Guild 11- (Mo Pow, NCI, Watching)
10	Physical Limitation:  Heavy Android Body and Small Size (Frequently, Slightly Impairing)
15	Physical Limitation:  Does Not Heal, Must Be Repaired (Frequently, Greatly Impairing)
15	Psychological Limitation:  Loyal to Madame Marciano (Common, Strong)
15	Psychological Limitation:  Enjoys Blowing Things Up (Common, Strong)
10	Reputation:  Marciano's Twelve Sisters, 11-
20	Social Limitation:  Subject to Orders (Very Frequently, Major)
60	Experience Points

Total Disadvantage Points:  370

Background/History: August is a character from the anime Coyote Ragtime Show. She is a combat android and one of Marciano’s Twelve Sisters. She was probably built by Dr. Neilson, an employee of Marciano who handles all of the maintenance and repair work on the Sisters. Her true age and previous history are never revealed but she and all of the Sisters have been around long enough to gain a reputation as deadly assassins.

Madame Marciano the owner/employer of the Sisters is a cyborg. As such she is incapable of having children and this may be a factor in the bitterness that she displays. August and all of her sisters are the daughters that Marciano could never have. In addition to being her own personal hit squad the Sisters act as her servants and children.

Personality/Motivation: August is a cute little girl... to a point. She has a very child-like personality. She pouts when things go wrong and she giggles when she tosses her grenades. She paints angel wings and hearts on her grenades and seems to enjoy the game of lobbing them at things. Her artwork isn’t bad. Even her movement is cute and child-like. As someone once said, “when she runs she jiggles like jelly in an earthquake.”

There is a dark side to this innocent girl though. She enjoys blowing things up. She smiles as she throws grenades and seems delighted by the destruction that she causes. It is she that first suggests leveling the buildings on a city block in order to flush out the Sisters' quarry. She does this because blowing up the buildings will be fun. She gives no regard to the fact that many innocents are likely to be killed.

Quote: “I definitely like hide and seek better than tag!”

Powers/Tactics: Her weapons are hand grenades. She uses stick grenades very reminiscent of the potato-mashers that Germany used during World War II. Her grenades appear to be smaller since she is so small. She makes up for their size with the volume that she can lob. She often tosses up to six at once, three per hand! The reason that she wobbles so much when she runs is because she is short and she is carrying an arsenal concealed within her costume. She seems to have dozens of grenades tucked away. Somehow she is able to prime them as she draws them, likely this is due to some sort of special storage method that her uniform has built in.

August’s short legs cause her to be slow and it is common to see June carrying her in order to increase her mobility. June carries her piggy-back as August gleefully flings grenades at anything she wants to blow-up. The only weapon that we ever see August use is her grenades. Area of Effect attacks make-up for a lot of her mobility problems. She is not subtle—grenade lobbers generally aren’t. Her grenades are common fragmentation types.

Campaign Use: August can be humorous. She is cute and looks like a child so unless she is recognized she may take opponents unawares. Oddly this child is the artillery support of the Sisters. Her grenades are very effective at breaking up groups of targets. If the team needs something destroyed in a hurry her grenades are probably the best bet.

If needed it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for the GM to give her some additional types of grenades to supplement her normal fragmentation-only load. Smoke, gas, stun, flash, and so on, are but a small list of the possibilities. Any grenades that she uses should sport appropriate artwork.

Appearance: August appears very young, between eight and ten years old. Her maid’s outfit looks like a child’s costume and is the least maid-looking of the Sisters. She has a black full dress with lots of white frill. She wears a large floppy top-hat with a broad red and white hat band. She wears a red bow tie and has red ribbons in her hair. She stands no more than four feet tall. She has large green eyes and long blond hair in braided in ponytails. Her small stick grenades have been decorated with artwork fitting the toys of a young girl.

August Designer’s Notes:

STR 15: Not as strong as her sisters, she is too little.

DEX 20: Dexterity isn’t her problem, mobility is.

CON 15: There is no reason to assume that her systems are any less resilient than any of the other sisters.

BODY 11: She is smaller but still constructed of rugged and dense material, still her BODY score is less than the larger androids.

INT 10: August seems as intelligent as the average person, since she appears so young this makes her smarter than one would initially expect.

EGO 11: She does take the initiative during one of the space fighter battles so she must have some determination.

PRE 13: Her Presence is based on her being cute enough to make you sick.

COM 16: Good COM score due to high degree of cuteness.

PD 10: Being smaller she can’t have as much built-in armor but she is still surprisingly tough.

ED 8: None of the Sisters are ever hit by energy based attacks so we have nothing with which to gauge their resistance or weakness to such attacks. I have opted to give her a good deal of ED but not as much as her PD. Her ED will also get full damage resistance.

SPD 4: She seem no faster than any of the other sisters.

REC 13: A lower score because she is smaller and probably more delicate if you manage to damage her systems.

END 0: None of the Sisters, if left operable, are down for long when hit. In fact you never see one of them out of action for more than a second or two unless they are completely broken.

STUN 40: Same reasoning as her REC score.

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