When developing a character for a Silent Möbius campaign, there are a wide variety of ideas to choose from. The original cast of Silent Möbius includes a human-Lucifer Folk crossbreed, a cyborg, a Shinto priestess, a Buddhist sorceress an esper, a magician and a visonaire (someone who can access cyberspace). The actual character descriptions (from such sources as The Art of Silent Möbius the Movie I) are rather amusing, and betray an obvious D&D influence: Katsumi - Magic User, Kiddy - Fighter, Lebia - Visonaire, Nami - Cleric, Yuki - Ylper (Esper).


The only Silent Möbius example of this sort of character is Kiddy. She is typical of many anime cyborgs in that she is very strong and capable of leaping immense distances. For a complete examination of the powers and abilities of an anime cyborg, I recommend you read the Cybernetics and Cyborgs chapter of the Silent Möbius Zeta page or the Cyborgs Chapter of the Kazei 5 Worldbook. When designing cyborgs for the Silent Möbius universe, I recommend using the powers listed for Full Soft Shell and Partial Hard Shell conversions. The following character sheets are all representative of Silent Möbius cyborgs:

Espers (Ylpers):

There are a number of Esper characters shown in Silent Möbius. They include Yuki and Rally Cheyenne, as well as Annie the Esper Weapon, Doug and Hiroko Suzuki. Anime Espers have a number of very specific power modifiers that set them apart from the Egoists and Mentalists found in other genres. The Psychokinetics chapter of my Kazei 5 Worldbook and the Ylpers section of the Silent Möbius Zeta Worldbook both explore the subject of anime espers/psychokinetics in detail. The following character sheets are representative of Silent Möbius Espers:


One of the main elements of the Silent Möbius universe is the existence of magic. There are a large number of characters with magical powers in the series, including Katsumi Liqueur and her parents Gigelf and Fuyuka Liqueur. Rally and Rosa Cheyenne both exhibit mystical abilities, while Nami uses enchanted artifacts (including her robes, holy water, ofuda [talismans], dagger and sword). Then there are characters from later in the series, including Mana Isozaki and Ganossa Maximilian, both of whom command impressive magical powers. Finally, several of the Entities seem to have an understanding of Earth magic (such as Mouba Dudooz Badina who knew Katsumi's spells based on her incantations). The nature of magic in the Silent Möbius universe is discussed in the article on Magic. As it stands, the following character sheets are excellent examples of Silent Möbius magicians or users of magical artifacts.

Other Characters

There are a wide range of other character types possible for a Silent Möbius campaign. The various Osaka officers were designed to approximate the 'feel' for the original series without duplicating any one character in particular. Additional characters types could include:

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