Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
20	STR	10	13-	400kg (4d6) 
20	DEX	30	13-	OCV:  7/DCV:  7
18	CON	16	13- 
12	BODY	4	11-
18	INT	8	13-	PER Roll 13-
14	EGO	8	12-	ECV:  5
14	PRE	4	12-	PRE Attack:  2 1/2d6
19	COM	4	13- 
5	PD	1
5	ED	1
4	SPD 	10	Phases:  3, 6, 9, 12
30	END	-3
Total Characteristics Cost:  93

Movement:	Running:  9"/18"
		Swimming:  2"/4"

Cost	Powers & Skills
Combat Training:
18	CSL:  +6 with Block, Dodge, Strike
7	CSL:  +3 OCV vs hit location modifiers ( -1)
8	CSL:  +2 with Combat, only vs Supernatural (-1/2), needs KS:  Supernatural Creatures (-1/2)
4	CSL:  +2 OCV with Pistols

16	Taijitsu Multipower:  16 Point Pool
1	u - Disarm:  + 15 STR, only for Disarm (-1)
1	u - Killing Strike:  1d6 HKA (2d6 with STR)
1	u - Martial Escape:  + 15 STR, only for Escape (-1)
1	u - Martial Strike:  + 5d6 HA (9d6 with STR)
1	u - Nerve Strike:  + 4d6 HA, NND (not vs solid armour on hit location, 6d6 with STR)
2	u - Takedown:  + 3d6 HA, Dbl KB, (5d6 with STR)

Shinto Sorcery Powers:
20	Shinto Magic Multipower:  60 Point Pool, All powers take :  OAF:  Ofuda, 
	Variable Limit (-1)
2	u - Thrown Ofuda:  Entangle:  6d6, Only vs supernatural targets (-1/2), 1 recoverable charge (-1), 
	Gestures (unfurl Ofuda) (-1/4) and Incantations (-1/4)
2	u - Ofuda Blade:  HKA:  2 1/2d6, + 3" Stretching,  Only for combat (-1), 0 END, Only vs 
	supernatural targets (-1/2)
2	u - Burning Ofuda:  RKA:  4d6, Only vs supernatural targets (-1/2), 1 recoverable charge (-1), 
	Gestures (throw Ofuda) (-1/4) and Incantations (-1/4)
2	u - Spirit Ward:  Dispel:  15d6 vs any magical effect (+1/4), 1 recoverable charge (-1), 
	Gestures (unfurl Ofuda) (-1/4) and Incantations (-1/4)
2	u - Spirit Ward:  Force Field:  20 DEF, Invisible to sight (+1/2), Only vs supernatural attacks (-1/2),
	1 recoverable charge lasting 5 minutes (-1/4), Gestures (unfurl Ofuda, -1/4) and 
	Incantations (-1/4), Concentrate (1/2 DCV) to turn on (-1/4), Extra time:  Full Phase (-1/2)
2	u - Spirit Ward:  Force Wall:  10 DEF, Only vs supernatural attacks (-1/2), 1 recoverable charge 
	lasting 1 minute (-1/2), Gestures (unfurl Ofuda) (-1/4) and Incantations (-1/4), No Range ( 1/2)
1	u - Spirit Ward:  Detect:  Supernatural beings, 360, Ranged, +4 PER, Tracking, 
	1 recoverable charge (-1), Gestures (unfurl Ofuda) (-1/4) and Incantations (-1/4)

12	Danger sense, Out of combat (13-), Intuitive (-1)
2	Shinto Healing:  1d6 Healing, Requires gestures and incantations
	throughout (-1), concentration (0 DCV throughout, -1) Extra time, 5 min (-2)
	requires herbs and rare ingredients (OAF, -1), 
	Requires KS:  Sorcery roll (-1/2), 2x END (-1/2)

AMP Equipment:
19	HBG-35 Hi-Power Blaster Multipower:  48 Point Pool, 8 Shots, OAF
2	u—Creature Setting:  2 1/2d6 RKA E, +1 OCV, +1 RMod, 6 Shots 
1	u—Basic Setting:  1 1/2d6 RKA E, +1 OCV, +1 RMod, 12 Shots
17	Stunstick:  EB 5d6, NND (Defense is being grounded or insulated or having a 
	non-human nervous system), +1 OCV, No Range, 6 charges, OAF 
9	Drain:  3d6 (vs DEX), Linked to NND, 6 charges, OAF
5	AMP Armored Jacket:  Armor DEF 4 , Locations 8-14, OIF
5	AMP Boots/Shinguards:  Armor DEF 5, locations 15-18, OIF

AMP Officer Skills
3	Perk:  AMP Police Powers 
2	Perk:  Weapon Permit 
3	AK:  Los Angeles 13-
3	Bureaucratics 13-
1	Criminology 8-
3	Streetwise 13-
1	TF:  Spinner 
1	WF:  Tonfa/Nightstick 
3	Scholar 
1	KS:  Criminal Law & Prodedure 11-
1	KS:  Lucifer Folk 11-
1	KS:  Occult 11-

Demon Hunter Training:
3	Breakfall 13-
3	Combat Driving 13-
3	Concealment 13-
2	Conversation 11-
3	Climbing 13-
3	Compter Programming 13-
1	KS:  Cults 11-
2	KS:  Sorcery 13-
2	KS:  Supernatural Creatures 13-
2	KS:  Supernatural World 13-
3	Paramedic 13-
5	Shadowing 12-
3	Stealth
3	Tracking 13-
3	WF:  Small Arms, Swords

Background skills:
6	Running +3" (9" total)
0	English (native)
3	Japanese (fluent, accent)
3	PS:  Guitarist/singer 12-
2	TF:  Ground Vehicles
243	Total Powers & Skills Cost
336	Total Character Cost

150+	Disadvantages
5	Distinctive Features:  AMP Uniform
15	Hunted:  Lucifer Folk (Mopow) 8-
20	Normal Characteristic Maxima
3	AMP Package Bonus:
	Psychological Limitation:
15	Hunting Bakemono (Common, strong)
10	Protects the innocent (Uncommon, strong)
10	Womaniser (Common, moderate)
5	Rebel, reacts badly to authority (Uncommon, moderate)
5	Reputation:  AMP Officer
10	Watched:  AMP (Mopow, NCI) 8-
88	Experience
336	Total Disadvantage Points
Height: 6'
Weight: 185 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond (dyed)
Age: 26 (Born 2004)
Birth Place: California
Aura: unknown

Takahashi is tall, broad shouldered, blue-eyed and blond haired. He is the son of Christopher Masaki Jones (a former demon hunter) and still carries on the family traditions of defending the world from the assorted supernatural creatures that threaten it. Takahashi considers himself a 'modern' demon hunter, however, and is quite willing to use high-powered firearms as well as his traditional Shinto charms when fighting other-worldly monsters.


Born in the state of California, Takahashi Jones has some Japanese ancestry (which explains his name), although it is not obvious from his looks. He seems to be the archetypal Californian golden boy, with sunbleached hair, golden skin and sea-blue eyes. Well built, he carries himself with a dancer's grace and makes quite an impression with the ladies - a fact he is well aware of! Takahashi never stays in one place long. Despite his normal appearance, he has a surprising past and strange powers that cut him off forever from an ordinary life. Takahashi is one of the last survivors of an ancient Japanese clan that has dedicated its sons to fighting the powers of darkness - powers that the mundane world has no inkling of. His great-granduncle Katsuhiro came to the US many decades previously, on the trail of the hengeyokai - a race of evil spider-like beings. He passed his secret arts and the sword which is their family's sacred heirloom on to his nephew Christopher, who in turn has taught these arcane powers to Takahashi. However, Takahashi and his father quarreled over their training and mission (and his involvement with a certain girl). Christopher remains in the US (along with the sword) while his son has gone out into the broader world to carry on the secret crusade.

Takahashi is a thoroughly modern demon-hunter. He supports himself where he can by playing the guitar and singing in bars, rather than living from hand to mouth and relying on the few who know, as his elders did. Worse, where his granduncle and, to a lesser extent his father, practice the Shinto rites faithfully, and train in the ancient forms of sword and staff, Takahashi has whole-heartedly embraced the concept of heavy firepower and his personal fighting style is an efficient but mongrel mix of various martial arts styles. He knows there are things that are unaffected by mundane weaponry and he is careful to observe the forms of Shinto sorcery, but he will talk of psychic powers as easily as magic, and prefers to talk of his magic as psycho-sorcery or psychic-enhancing rituals. He thinks that the power that has passed down through his family is an inherited predisposition for psychic powers, not some magical mumbo-jumbo (although if pressed, he will reluctantly agree that there might be something in it).

Campaign Notes: Takahashi originally started service with the Mega-Tokyo AMP, before difficulties and arguments with Noriko forced his transfer to the LA office. Takahashi found his new work environment much more to his liking. Linda wasn't the extreme taskmaster that Noriko was, Kiddy was quite easy to get along with (even to the point of sharing some of his temperament), and he and Amara entered into a fairly 'physical' relationship. For a while 'life was good'.

Takahashi was killed in the opening scenes of the new SMZ: LA 2033 campaign. His death (and Amara's disappearence) set up the first run of the game.


1: What is the character's name?
Takahashi "Hunter" Jones

2: Character's sex?

3: Character's physical size?
6 foot, about 185 lbs

4: What is the color of the character's hair, eyes and skin?
Blonde hair (not his original color, but he's worn it that way for a long time). Hair is cool anime dude standard, medium length in back, slightly bouffant and falls over the right eye, so that he can brush it back from time to time. Eyes are blue and natural

5: What is the character's general appearance ?
He tends to dress reasonably, but anything he wears develops a slightly crumpled look after a while because he's casual about how he sits or stands.
Normal posture in chairs is scooted down, with feet on desk (not while Linda's around though) with keyboard in lap. He always looks casual and most people might take him for a well-buffed boytoy (at least at first)

6: Where were you born?
In southern California

7: When?

8: Does the character have any family?
Just his Dad - who's currently aware of his location and vice versa

9: Where or how was the character educated?
All over. Mostly home schooling, plus what he could pick up on the side.

10:What did the character do for a living previously?
Monster hunter and part time musician

11: Who is hunting the character and why?
Various Bakemono for revenge over previous encounters

12: Does the character have any political beliefs? Religious?
Hunter is kind of agnostic. He knows religious artifacts have powers, but are those due to gods or similar to the arcane powers of magicians and entities? He's not sure and loves to argue about this kind of thing

13: What is the character moral code?
He basically sees himself as a good guy (he's a lot less "driven" than his father). So he goes in for what he sees as basic good guy stuff. Innocents are normal people, even sleazebags. He has no mercy for most supernatural beings, but would not coldly gun down gangers, for instance.
And sure, he's a skirtchaser, but he tries to deal with things fairly there too. No taking advantage of someone while drunk, no false pretenses, etc. No commitments either, and that's up front.

14: Does the character have any goals?
Stay alive, have fun, kill bakemono. It's only starting to dawn on him that this is not a set of long term goals, but if someone pointed that out, he'd probably say he might not live long enough to make long term goals realistic

15: What led the character to join the AMP?
He basically stumbled into it. It provides him with an income and way to do what he was trained for, so that's just swell.

16: What is the character's personality?
He's friendly, a wisecracker and goodtime guy on the surface. Under that, he is inquisitive, bright and genuinely interested in people and things. He is both an idealist and (secretly) a closet romantic, but people don't generally ever get close enough to find that out, and he's not inclined to let them.

17: What is the character very good at?
Hunter is one of those annoying anime hero types who's just naturally good at everything he does. (Note - I'm playing with this idea. Should I buy skill levels, cramming or would you allow a pool of basic noncombat skills - basically like a sort of advanced cramming?)

18: Are there certain things the character just can't do?
His only weak point is that he's impulsive - he tends not too plan for the future too clearly

19: What does the character hate?
Monsters. Hunter is largely indifferent to the rest of the world, it's largely there as a background to play out his vendetta on. He is pretty much apolitical

20: What does the character love?
Love is a word Hunter tends to regard with some wariness.

Takahashi Jones created by Mark Doherty.

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