At one point I found myself with a large amount of free time (I was working the help desk and had little to do for 8 hours every day but sit around and wait for the phone to ring). To pass the time I started tinkering around with GURPS Wild Cards and how those characters would look when written up in the HERO System. The results are displayed below.

I was pleasantly surprised at how the write-ups came out. Most are in the 225 to 280 point range, although there are a few monsters out there (like The Astronomer at 556, Dr. Tachyon at 624 and Modular Man at 631 points). Some people may find the characters to be a little "underpowered," especially in regards to STR and DEX, when compared to your average published Champions character. That may be, but the characters to compare nicely to one another and it's no big deal to adjust a desired character to taste. I also wrote up all the "normal" characters, so one will also find quite a few characters under 150 points. Please note that all these write-ups are current as of the time line given in the GURPS Wild Cards book, meaning that they reflect the assorted characters as of Book VI (which is now hopelessly out of date).

If you are interested in reading more information on how to convert GURPS Supers to HERO System, click the GURPS to HERO Conversion link to see my notes on the process.


The following characters were presented in the GURPS book Aces Abroad. I'll admit that I'm not very impressed with the character designs, as many of them are too mystical in concept, while others seem too "pat" in their choice of powers. Far too many characters come across as national icons (having powers derived from national myths and legends), as opposed to victims of the Wild Card. I also disagree with the design concepts behind most of the characters, as it doesn't quite jibe with my impression of how the Wild Card virus works. Still, for completeness sake I present them here. Some of the characters are "official," and did appear in the Wild Cards books themselves. They are marked as such below.