Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
15	STR	5	12-	Lift 200 kg; 3d6 HTH Damage [1]
30	DEX	60	15-	OCV:  10/DCV:  10
23	CON	26	14-
15	BODY	10	12-
20	INT	10	13-	PER Roll 13-
20	EGO	20	13-	ECV:  7
20	PRE	10	13-	PRE Attack:  4d6
16	COM	3	12-

12	PD	9		Total:  12 PD (0 rPD)
12	ED	7		Total:  12 ED (0 rED)
6	SPD	20		Phases:  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
8	REC	0
46	END	0
35	STUN	0		Total Characteristic Cost:  180

Movement:	Running:		6"/12"
		Leaping:		6"/12"
		Swimming:		2"/4"
		Teleportation:	20"/20"

Cost	Powers & Skills
	Martial Arts:  Kung Fu
	Maneuver	OCV	DCV	Damage
4	Block		+2	+2	Block, Abort
5	Flying Dodge	--	+4	Dodge All Attacks, Abort; FMove
3	Joint Lock	-1	-1	Grab Two Limbs, 45 STR for holding on
5	Kick		+1	-2	11d6 Strike
3	Legsweep	+2	-1	8d6 Strike, Target Falls
4	Punch		+2	+0	9d6 Strike
16	+4 HTH Damage Class(es)

93	Dim Mak:  Drain BODY 10d6, Invisible to Hearing, and Sight Groups (+3/4), Delayed 
	Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per Week; +1 3/4); 4 Charges (-1), Gradual 
	Effect (20 Minutes; 1d6 BODY Drain per; -1), Only Versus Humans (-1/2), Can Be 
	Cured By Chinese Healing (-1/4), [4]
32	Deactivation Strike:  Entangle 4d6, 4 DEF, Takes No Damage From Attacks (+1/2), 
	Invisible to Sight Group (+1/2); Entangle Is Versus CON Instead Of STR (-1/2), No 
	Range (-1/2), Cannot Form Barriers (-1/4), Entangle Wears Off Over Time (-1/4), END 8
29	Internal Chi Strike:  HA +7d6, Indirect (Same origin, always fired away from 
	attacker; +1/4); Hand-To-Hand Attack (-1/2), END 4
8	Acrobatic Leaping:  Leaping +3" (6" forward, 3" upward) (Accurate), END 1
20	Instantanious Movement:  Teleportation 20"; Only To Places The Character Can 
	Normally Reach (-1/2), No Noncombat Movement (-1/4), Must Pass Through 
	Intervening Space (-1/4), END 4
32	Multiple Selves:  Sight Group Images Increased Size (16" radius; +1), -6 to PER Rolls; 
	No Range (-1/2), Only While Moving (-1/4), END 6

3	Fringe Benefit:  Membership: Arcam Striker

20	+4 with HTH Combat

3	Acrobatics 15-
3	Acting 13-
7	Analyze:  Style 15-
3	Breakfall 15-
3	Climbing 15-
3	Contortionist 15-
2	KS: Arcam Foundation 11-
3	KS: Kung Fu 13-
3	KS: The Martial World 13-
3	Language:  Cantonese (completely fluent; literate)
3	Language:  English (completely fluent; literate)
0	Language:  Japanese (idiomatic; literate)
3	PS: Sensei 13-
2	PS: Striker 11-
3	Stealth 15-
3	Tactics 13-

Total Powers & Skill Cost:  324
Total Cost:  504

200+	Disadvantages
10	Distinctive Features:  Style (Not Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By 
	Large Group)
10	Hunted:  Arcam Foundation 8- (Mo Pow, NCI, Watching)
10	Hunted:  Enemies of the Arcam Foundation 8- (As Pow, Harshly Punish)
15	Psychological Limitation:  Code of Honor (Common, Strong)
10	Psychological Limitation:  Disdain For "Western Body Fetishes" (Common, Moderate)
15	Reputation:  world's greatest "chi" martial artist, 14-
15	Social Limitation:  Secret ID (Mirage) (Frequently, Major)
20	Social Limitation:  Subject To Orders (Very Frequently, Major)
199	Chi Martial Artist Bonus
504	Total Disadvantage Points

Background/History: Oboro is Arcam's most powerful operative and is Yu Omine's martial arts master. He is the world's greatest "chi martial artist" and is capable of incredible displays of martial arts skill. Mirage is the name that most people know Oboro by. However, the Mirage persona has no connection to Arcam.

Personality/Motivation: Oboro is pretty much at peace with the universe. He doesn't get excited or angry, and really doesn't seem impressed by much of anything. He remains calm, both in mind and spirit, and approaches problems rationally. His Code of Honor is an attempt to sum up this attitude. In Striker, this Code is demonstrated by Oboro's treatment of Bo Brantze. Oboro doesn't kill him, but simply defeats Bo at his own game. He then leaves Bo, refusing to kill him, but instead telling him "You have potential. Make good use of it. Train yourself!! If you still wish to die, then return and I will do you the honor." In a similar fashion, he hits Col. Kurtheimer with his Dim Mak, telling the Nazi that "As you die a slow and painful death, you will have time to regret your evil deeds."

Oboro isn't a big fan of bodybuilding, artificial enhancements and such devices as powered armor either. He feels that if one trains well, they will have all the skill they need to be effective. To some extent, he is proof that he is right.

Quote: "Your muscles are just for show. All they do is slow you down. You Westerners turn your technique into a fetish."

Powers/Tactics: Oboro's powers are based around his manipulation of the world's chi flow, especially through human beings. He is very fast, and usually dodges attacks by simply stepping out of the way, or Teleporting and Dodging. When fighting, he uses a bare minimum of movement, and simply tries to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. He will not taunt or play with a target, unless it is needed (such as getting Bo Brantze to chase him instead of Yu Ominae).

Oboro's Dim Mak strike alters the target's heartbeat, slowly killing whomever it hits. His Deactivation Strike is a simple punch that renders a target immobile, at least until the effect wears off (it is unknown how long that will be, but presume at least 15 minutes to a half-hour). The Internal Chi strike injures one's internal organs. The Indirect advantage allows the strike to bypass focused, worn body armor, such as an armored muscle suit, but nothing else.

As with Bo Brantze, Oboro can create multiple selves. These are not physical duplicates, but simple visual illusions.

Appearance: Oboro is of average height and build. His black hair is straight and falls past his shoulders and down his back. He wears traditional Chinese clothing, consisting of trousers, jacket and slippers.

Designer's Notes: Oboro's exact powers and abilities are open to speculation. The ones given here are based of abilities demonstrated in the manga, adapted for use in a RPG setting. It is highly likely that Oboro has far more martial arts skills than what is shown here.

Oboro's Hero Designer File

(Oboro created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryoji Minagawa, character sheet created by Michael Surbrook)

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