Striker is an action-adventure manga written by Hiroshi Takashige with art by Ryoji Minagawa. It takes place in the modern day here-and-now, and mixes high-technology, international intrigue, and telekinetic powers with equal parts of gunplay and martial arts. Many characters and elements of the Striker series would work quite well in a superhero setting, and much of Striker is perfect for use in a high-powered Dark Champions setting. Certain elements of the universe could also be used in a cyberpunk, fantasy, or science fiction campaign.

History of the World

A very long time ago, a great civilization arose that possessed scientific knowledge and achievements that greatly surpassed those of the late 20th Century. The civilization fell as the result of a great war, brought upon by unchecked technological advancement and development. These wars were fought in and around the Indian subcontinent, and were eventually chronicled in such epic poems as the Mahabharata and the Ramayanda.

At some point many great artifacts created by this civilization were sealed away or hidden, lying dormant until being rediscovered in the 20th Century. Message plates have been found as well, written in ancient Hebrew, stating the following:

"To future civilizations, we hope you discover this message. To the wise and the just, we send this message from the ancient past. Once there were many thriving civilizations on this planet. They are about to be destroyed. Corruption and war prevail, our civilization is in decline, we hope that yours has a future. We leave behind the relics of our civilization, scattered all over the world. But if your people are not ready to use these relics wisely for the good of all, then we implore you to seal them away. Protect our legacy from evil forces. You must not follow the same path as us"

These plates are made from an unknown substance and cannot be damaged by any conventional force known to man.

Many of the artifacts have been detected though the use of satellites, usually through the discovery of unusual magnetic fields. Once one is confirmed, various military and corporate teams will rush to the site, trying to be the first to uncover and secure the artifact. The Arcam Foundation is dedicating to finding these ancient artifacts, and in most cases, sealing them away, following the wishes of the message plate and keeping the objects out of the hands of those that would use them for the wrong purposes.

World Notes

Aside from ultra-advanced technology the of the ancient artifacts, the world of Striker features paranormal powers as well. Several of the characters possess telekinetic powers, while at least one is an actual magician. In addition, highly-advanced biotechnology is exhibited, as well as more 'conventional' forms of comic book super-science. Additional notes on these powers will be found amid the various character write-ups. Game Masters should be able to develop new character concepts with ease from then on.

Major Organizations and Corporations

Major Characters

Minor Characters

Ancient Artifacts and Related Items

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