Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
1	STR	-9	9-	Lift 28.7 kg; 0d6 HTH Damage [1]
8	DEX	-4	11-
7	CON	-3	10-
18	INT	8	13-	PER Roll 13-
13	EGO	3	12-
10	PRE	0	11-	PRE Attack:  2d6

3	OCV	0	
5	DCV	10	
3	OMCV	0	
4	DMCV	3	
2	SPD	0		Phases:  6, 12

2	PD	0		Total:  2 PD (0 rPD)
2	ED	0		Total:  2 ED (0 rED)
4	REC	0
15	END	-1
6	BODY	-4
12	STUN	-4      Total Characteristic Cost:  -1

Movement:	Running:	8m/16m 
		Leaping:	1m/2m
		Swimming:	2m/4m

Cost    Powers & Skills
-1	Short Legs:  Leaping -3m
-4	Short Legs:  Running -4m
-1	Short Legs:  Swimming -2m

35	Blaster:  Follower (1 x 175 point Normal)

2	AK: Local Outback 11-
3	CK: Bartertown 13-
3	Short:  +2 with Concealment; Self Only (-½)
3	Electronics 13-
3	KS: Who's Who In Bartertown 13-
0	Language:  English (idiomatic; literate)
3	Mechanics 13-
3	PS: Electrician 13-
4	Short:  +2 with Stealth
3	Streetwise 11-
2	Survival (Desert) 13-
3	Scientist
2	1)  SS:  Civil Engineering 13-
2	2)  SS:  Electrical Engineering 13-
2	3)  SS:  Mechanical Engineering 13-

Total Powers & Skill Cost:  67
Total Cost:  66

175+	Matching Complications
10	DNPC:  Blaster Very Frequently (As powerful as the PC)
5	Distinctive Features:  Speaks In Pidgin/Simplistic English ("You Fix!" "Embargo!" "Me Master!" 
	and so on) (Easily Concealed; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses)
10	Physical Complication:  Short—1m tall (actually 2' 11"), 12.5 kg mass, +6m Knockback (Infrequently; 
	Slightly Impairing)
15	Psychological Complication:  Protective Of Blaster (Common; Strong)
5	Rivalry:  Professional (Auntie Entity for control of Bartertown; Rival is As Powerful; Seek to 
	Outdo, Embarrass, or Humiliate Rival; Rival Aware of Rivalry)

Total Complications Points:  66

Background/History: Master is the partner of Blaster and runs Underworld. How the two met is unknown. Master also designed and maintains the power systems in Underworld. In the novel, after the escape from Bartertown, Blaster drops his Pidgin English, and speaks normally, giving his real name and age.

Personality/Motivation: As a little man (literally) in a dangerous world, Master depends on Blaster for protection. At the same time, Master has become arrogant and spars with Auntie over who’s in charge of Bartertown (and since Master controls the power, he is.) Once Blaster is gone, all of his arrogance vanishes, and so does most of his “Master” personality.

Quote: “Me order. Me Master. Me run Bartertown!”

Powers/Tactics: As he stands only 2’11” Master doesn’t have much in the way of physical skills, but he does have Blaster. He also controls the power, and that’s a potent weapon as well. Master is also a brilliant engineer.

Appearance: Master stands a mere 2’11”, with sparse gray hair. He wears a helmet and goggles (similar in appearance to a samurai helmet) and a tunic of over-lapping leather scales.

Designer's Notes: Master is pretty much all there is. You can’t make him more powerful without going beyond the bounds of his dwarfism. Although you could really throw people for a loop and combine his and Blaster’s character sheets and make him one character!

Master's Hero Designer File

(Master created by George Miller and Angelo Rossitto, created sheet written by Michael Surbrook.)

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