Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
13	STR	3	12-	Lift 151.6 kg; 2 ½d6 HTH Damage [3]
16+5	DEX	12	12-/13-
15	CON	5	12-
13	INT	3	12-	PER Roll 12-/13-
12	EGO	2	11-
15	PRE	5	12-	PRE Attack:  3d6

5	OCV	10	
5	DCV	10	
3	OMCV	0	
4	DMCV	3	
3+1	SPD	10		Phases:  4, 8, 12/3, 6, 9, 12

6	PD	4		Total:  6 PD (0 rPD)
4	ED	2		Total:  4 ED (0 rED)
6	REC	2
30	END	2
12	BODY	2
30	STUN	5       Total Characteristic Cost:  88

Movement:   Running:	12m/24m 
	Leaping:	4m/8m
	Swimming:	4m/8m

Cost    Powers & Skills
5	Experienced Main Force Patrol Biker:  +5 DEX; Only For Driving (-1)
5	Doesn't Scare/Shock Easily:  +10 PRE; Only To Protect Against Presence Attacks (-1)	
3	"You're A Lucky Boy. Not Even Any Road Rash":  +10 PD; Only To Protect Against Vehicle Collision 
	Damage (-2)
5	Experienced Main Force Patrol Biker:  +1 SPD; Only For Driving (-1)
2	Observant:  +1 PER with Sight Group

1	Fringe Benefit:  Law Enforcement Rank
2	Fringe Benefit:  Local Police Powers
1	Fringe Benefit:  Weapon Permit

3	+1/+1d6 Striking Appearance (vs. all characters)

8	+1 with HTH Combat

3	Acrobatics 12-
4	AK: Victoria, Australia 13-
3	Breakfall 12-
3	"Hello, My Name Is Jim Goose.":  Charm 12-
7	Combat Driving 14- (15-)
3	Criminology 12-
2	KS: Criminal Law And Procedure 11-
2	KS: The Law Enforcement World 11-
0	Language:  English (idiomatic; literate)
2	PS: Main Force Patrol Officer 11-
1	PS: Singing 8-
3	Streetwise 12-
1	TF:  Small Motorized Ground Vehicles, Two-Wheeled Motorized Ground Vehicles
2	WF:  Small Arms, Clubs

Total Powers & Skill Cost:  71
Total Cost:  151

175+	Matching Complications
5	Distinctive Features:  "Bronze"—Main Force Patrol officer (Easily Concealed; Noticed and Recognizable; 
	Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses)
0	Hunted:  Main Force Patrol 8- (Mo Pow; Limited Geographical Area; Watching)
15	Psychological Complication:  "Jimmy The Goose, Larger Than Life And Twice As Ugly!" (Common; Strong)
15	Psychological Complication:  Strong Sense Of Justice (Common; Strong)
20	Social Limitation:  Subject To Orders (Very Frequently; Major)
5	Unluck: 1d6

Total Complications Points:  151

Background/History: Jim Goose one of a number of Main Force Patrol officers operating in the state of Victoria in south Australia. Full of life and laughter, he’s seems to be a personification of the Aussie adage “she’ll be alright.” He’s also Max Rockatansky’s closest friend and occasional patrol partner.

Personality/Motivation: Known as “the Goose” or “Gosling One” (his call sign with the MFP), Jim seems to take life at full-throttle, never holding back or slowing down. At the same time, he’s a dedicated officer with a strong sense of right and wrong, and utterly looses his cool (and temper) when Johnny the Boy walks after no one shows at his trial.

Quote: “Scag! He sings and I tap dance!”

“Don’t write off the Goose until you see the box go into the hole.”

Powers/Tactics: A highly skilled biker, Jim manages to survive two rather nasty crashes with little to no injuries (although he breaks his leg laying his bike down early in the film... an example of his Unluck is my guess). He’s also rather handy with a nightstick, somewhat of an acrobat (he does a nice roll over the hood of a car to get to his bike at one point), and has a certain degree of charm with the ladies.

In case of violence, Jim’s armed with a Smith & Wesson Model 28 in a crossdraw holster, a short nightstick, and a set of handcuffs.

Appearance: Jim Goose is of average height (slightly taller than Max), with a strong, lean build, short blond hair, and is clean shaven. Like all MFP officers, he dresses in black driving "leathers", consisting of a heavy jacket, pants, and boots over a simple gray t-shirt. To this he adds a silver open-faced helmet with a clear face-shield and plastic forearm guards.

Designer's Notes: Jim is also from the classic cult film Mad Max. He meets his end at the hands (and matches) of Johnny the Boy mid-way through the film and helps spark Max’s desire to leave the Force. You can make him a more realistic character by removing his extra PD versus vehicle crashes or make him more powerful by increasing his Combat Skill Levels.

Jim Goose's Hero Designer File

(Jim Goose created by George Miller and Steve Bisley, character sheet created by Michael Surbrook.)

Steve Bisley as Jim Goose

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