HERO System adaptations of the characters from Ninja Scroll

Jubei, the Wind Ninja

The Eight Devils appeared in an anime called (in America) Ninja Scroll, and known in Japan as Jubei Ninpucho (a.k.a. "Legend of Jubei"). Ninja Scroll is a wild, fantastic martial arts anime combining elements of more traditional samurai movies with sequences of pure fantasy. It sort of reminds me of what a fantasy marital arts movie made by Akira Kurosawa and Tsui Hark (with a little John Carpenter thrown in) would look like. Fortunately for you, this movie can be found in many video rental stores—I highly recommend the subtitled version. Potential viewers please note: this movie contains scenes of explicit sex and graphic violence!

I am presenting adaptations of all eight "Devils of Kimon," as well as the other three major characters of the film: Jubei—a wandering ninja/ronin, Kagero—ninja of the Koga clan, and Dakuan—a spy masquerading as a priest. The character designs have been deliberately "fleshed out" a bit from what is presented in the movie, meaning I've tried to add in an assortment of appropriate skills to each of the characters.

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