Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
10	STR	0	11-	Lift 100 kg; 2d6 HTH Damage [2]
13	DEX	9	12-	OCV:  4/DCV:  4
10	CON	0	11-
10	BODY	0	11-
18	INT	8	13-	PER Roll 13-
14	EGO	8	12-	ECV:  5
13	PRE	3	12-	PRE Attack:  2 1/2d6
12	COM	1	11-

3	PD	1		Total:  3 PD (0 rPD)
3	ED	1		Total:  3 ED (0 rED)
3	SPD	7		Phases:  4, 8, 12
4	REC	0
20	END	0
20	STUN	0		Total Characteristic Cost:  38

Movement:	Running:	6"/12"
		Leaping:	2"/4"
		Swimming:	2"/4"

Cost	Powers & Skills
3	Acting 12-
1	Computer Programming (Personal Computers) 8-
7	Demolitions 15-
3	Disguise 13-
3	Electronics 13-
4	KS: Grenades, Bombs, And Explosives 14-
4	Language:  English (idiomatic; literate)
0	Language:  Japanese (idiomatic; literate)
3	PS: SFX Technician 13-
2	SS:  Chemistry 11-
3	SS:  Explosives 13-
3	SS:  Movie Pyrotechnics 13-
2	WF:  Small Arms
38	Total Powers & Skills Cost
76	Total Character Cost

25+	Disadvantages
20	Hunted:  Mafia 8- (Mo Pow, NCI, Harshly Punish)
0	Normal Characteristic Maxima
15	Physical Limitation:   Occasional Nervous Disorder (no fine manipulation abilities when it 
	strikes) (Infrequently, Fully Impairing)
15	Psychological Limitation:  Loves Minnie May (Common, Strong)
1	Experience Points
76	Total Disadvantage Points

Background/History: Ken Takizawa, is a nisei (first-generation Japanese-American immigrant), a bomb and pyrotechnics expert, and Minnie May's lover.

Ken first met up with Minnie May, when May was a 13 year-old runaway. She was disguised as a boy at the time (going by the name of Mel), and Ken took him (her) in and taught May the ins and outs of explosives. At one point, Ken surprised May with a prostitute, brought in to make a man out of "Mel". May confessed to her deception and ended up romantically engaged with Ken (She had fallen in love with him and had also discovered his Lolita complex via his video collection.).

Things went well until Ken got on the wrong side of some mobsters, and had to go into hiding. May went into hiding as well, taking refuge in a high-class brothel in Chinatown. It wasn't until four years later that the two of them would be reunited (however briefly).

Personality/Motivation: Ken is very much in love with Minnie May. He will do almost anything for her and to keep her from harm. Ken also suffers from a degenerative nervous disorder that renders him incapable of any fine manipulation under stress. His ability to write clearly is fading, and at one point he had to talk Minnie May through a difficult bomb defusing.

Quote: "All these years... It's like nothings changed. My little tiny girl who smells of dynamite... my beautiful little sex-bomb."

Powers/Tactics: Ken is to bombs and explosives what Bean is to cars and Rally is to guns. He is basically a god with things that go boom, and has extensive experience with movie styled gun and pyrotechnic effects. He is quite capable of building virtually undefuseable bombs, combing both electronic and physical triggers.

Appearance: Ken is of average height, thin with short black hair. He normally dresses in casual clothing, but often adds a flame-resistant jacket to his ensemble. He also goes under the alias of "Ken Tucky", a pun off of his real name, and off of the Japanese pronunciation of Kentucky.

Ken Takizawa's Hero Designer File

(Ken Takizawa created by Kenichi Sonoda, character sheet written by Michael Surbrook, additional material supplied by Michael House)

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