Both Rally and Minnie May carry a wide assortment of firearms and explosives. The following list presents these items in HERO System terms. Note: this list is by no means exclusive. Rally owns a gunstore and can carry what ever she wants!


Czech Cz75: 1d6+1 RKA, +1 OCV, 15 shots, STR Min 9
Notes: uses 9 mm ammo. Rally carries it in a shoulder holster and has two extra clips on her belt at the small of her back.

.25 Hold Out Pistol: 1d6 RKA, -1 Range Modifier, 5 Shots, STR Min 6
Notes: uses .25 ACP ammo. Rally keeps it strapped to her right forearm in a spring loaded clip. The trigger guard is cut away for easy handling. The weapon's stats are derived from the Browning .25 automatic.

Shotgun: 2 1/2d6 RKA, +1 Stun Modifier, +2 OCV, +1 Range Modifier, Reduced by Range, Reduced Penetration, 8 shots, STR Min 12,
Notes: uses 12 Gauge ammo. The weapon stats are derived from the Remington 870P pump-action shotgun.

Combat Knife: 1d6-1 HKA, 0 END, +1 OCV, STR Min 5
Notes: weapon size 'S'. Rally carries this tucked in one boot.

Kevlar Vest: DEF 5 Armor, Covers Locations 9-12
Notes: this is a standard heavy duty kevlar vest. As a special effects note, weapon damage that exceeds the vest's DEF may not actually penetrate the vest itself. For example: the vest stops a shotgun blast at one point (which does 2x 1d6+1 vs armor). Rally obviously takes some Body damage from the encounter, but the vest is still solid (although damaged). Thus, Rally's Body damage is more like severe bruising and cracked ribs than actual gunshot wounds.

Minnie May

Generic Concussive Grenade: 7d6 EB (physical), Explosive, Range Based on STR
Notes: this is your standard close-quarters concussion grenade. It produces a big shockwave and a lot of noise. Minnie usually has one of these.

Generic Fragmentation Grenade: 2d6 RKA, Explosive, Range Based on STR
Notes: this is a standard fragmentation or 'frag' grenade. It detonates into a cloud of high-velocity shrapnel that can shred an unprotected target. Variations include giving the grenade +1 Stun, or upping the dice of damage and adding Reduced Penetration. Minnie usually has one of these.

"Flash Bang": 5d6 EB (physical), Stun Only, Explosive, Armor Piercing; plus 2d6 Flash vs Sight, Explosive, Range Based on STR
Notes: this weapon is based off the NICO Sound and Flash grenade. It produces a loud explosion and a blinding flash upon detonation. Other variants can combine a normal concussive grenade with an explosive flash attack. Minnie seems to have a special liking for these grenades and usually has one of these in her coat.

Smoke Grenade: 4" radius Darkness to normal sight (optional: IR Vision), Range Based on STR
Notes: the smoke should last for at least a minute before fully dissipating. In games terms, one Continuous Charge of One Turn should be sufficient. Obviously, smoke grenades don't work to well in rain or high winds.

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