“Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” is an animated version of the iconic Marvel super team that began airing on the Disney XD channel in 2010.  The program presents a distilled version of the team, in its own continuity but drawing heavily from elements of the classic Avengers comics, The Ultimates (the Marvel ones, not the HERO System Ones), and the movie versions of Thor and Iron Man.  As such, these write-ups are intended to reflect the animated version of the heroes as of around the mid-point of the first season of the series.  (Although a few bits from later on, like some of Iron Man’s armor configs are mentioned)

It is important to note that while the comic book versions of these characters are often in battles where the more powerful characters might fight an opponent that the weakest ones cannot even hurt, these situations don’t seem to come up in the cartoon.  A punch or kick from one of the less powerful team members seems to inflict stun on even well-protected enemies albeit not as much as a solid hit from one of the heavyweights.  As such, damage ranges for all the members of the team have been kept within 4 dice of each other and the STR scores for Thor and The Hulk have been kept to fairly conservative levels.  This reflects the reality of the show, allowing them to do what they are seen to do on screen even if it might not be appropriate for more traditional versions of the characters.

All characters are constructed using Superheroic Campaign suggestions with Hero 6th Edition rules.

All characters are the creations of Marvel Studios.  Character write-ups by Matthew B.

Avengers Team

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