Val	Char	Cost	Roll	Notes
12	STR	2	11-	Lift 132 kg; 2d6 HTH Damage [1]
18	DEX	16	13-
16	CON	6	12-
20	INT	10	13-	PER Roll 13-
14	EGO	4	12-
15	PRE	5	12-	PRE Attack:  3d6

6	OCV	15	
6	DCV	15	
3	OMCV	0	
4	DMCV	3	
4+1	SPD	20		Phases:  3, 6, 9, 12/3, 5, 8, 10, 12

16	PD	8		Total:  16 PD (6 rPD)
16	ED	8		Total:  16 ED (6 rED)
4	REC	0
20	END	0
10	BODY	0
20	STUN	0	Total Characteristic Cost:  112

Movement:	Running:  12m/24m 
		Flight:  15m/30m
		Leaping:  4m/8m
		Swimming:  4m/8m

Cost	Powers
180	Size Control:  Multipower, 180-point reserve	
18f	1)  Giant Size:  Growth (+60 STR, +20 CON, +20 PRE, +12 PD, +12 ED, +12 BODY, +24 STUN, +15m Reach, 
	+48m Running, -24m KB, hands/feet are Area Of Effect (2m Radius) attacks, 50,001-400,000 kg, 
	+8 to OCV to hit, +8 to PER Rolls to perceive character, 17-32m tall, 9-16m wide), Reduced Endurance 
	(0 END; +½)	
6f	2)  Insect Size:  Shrinking (0.0286 m tall, 0.0003 kg mass, -12 PER Rolls to perceive character, 
	+12 DCV, takes +36m KB), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½) plus +1 SPD	
2f	3)  Growth Momentum:  HA +8d6; Hand-To-Hand Attack (-¼), Only When Turning Off Small Size (-¼), 
	Only Against Properly Positioned Targets (-¼), END 4
1f	4)  Winged Riding Ant:  Flight 15m, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½); Only In Areas With Abundent 
	Insect Life (-¼), Only When Shrunk To Insect Size (-¼)	
	Headgear, All Slots Oif (Retractable Headgear; -½), Not When Giant Sized (-¼)	
6	1)  Communicator:  Radio Perception/Transmission (Radio Group)	
8	2)  Swarms Of Bugs Are Icky:  +20 PRE; Only For Intimidation/Revulsion Presence Attacks (-½), Only 
	In Areas With Abundant Insect Life (-¼)	
22	3)  Biting And Stinging Insect Swarm:  Blast 3D6, Area Of Effect (1M Radius; +¼), Indirect (Source
	Point Is The Same For Every Use, Path Is From Source Point To Target; +¼), Attack Versus Alternate 
	Defense (Sealed Armor/Hardened Skin; All Or Nothing; +½), Reduced Endurance (0 End; +½), Constant (+½); 
	Only In Areas With Abundant Insect Life (-¼)

3	Avengers Membership:  Access to SHIELD & other restricted organizations

12	Combat Luck (6 PD/6 ED)

8	+2 With All Science Skills

3	Of Course!  I Should Have Realized:  Analyze:  Biochemical Constructs 13-
2	Animal Handler (Insects & Arthropods) 12-
3	I've Got An Idea About Mapping A Human Brain Onto A Computer:  Computer Programming 13-
3	I've Studied Zola's Work:  KS: Scientific World 13-
0	Language:  English (Idiomatic; Everyman, Literate)
4	PS: Scientist 14-
1	TF:  Quinjet, Small Motorized Ground Vehicles
3	Scientist
2	1)  Actually, It’s A Kind Of Beetle:  SS:  Entomology 13-
2	2)  I Don't Want To Hurt Them, I Want To Rehabilitate Them:  SS:  Psychology 13-
2	3)  I Just Mapped An Ant Genome!:  SS:  Biology 13-
2	4)  Pardon, Is That Ionic Energy?:  SS:  Physics 13-
2	5)  This Is A Joint Project Monitoring Objects In Deep Space:  SS:  Astronomy 13-

Total Powers & Skill Cost:  295
Total Cost:  407

400+	Matching Complications
15	Hunted:  Enemies of the Avengers Frequently (As Pow; Harshly Punish)
5	Hunted:  SHIELD Frequently (Less Pow; NCI; Watching)
10	Psychological Complication:  Focused, glosses over things that do not interest him (Common; Moderate)
20	Psychological Complication:  Idealist: Seeks to talk through problems rather than fight (Very Common; Strong)
10	Psychological Complication:  In love with Janet Van Dyne (Uncommon; Strong)
7	Experience Points

Total Complications Points:  407
Ant Man

Background/History: Hank Pym has not so much dedicated his life to science as he has embraced science to such an extent that he barely notices that anything else is going on around him. He is far happier in a laboratory than he is battling super-villains. He has mastered many fields of study, pushing past the cutting edge in several. His first love is the study of insects, but Hank's most impressive breakthrough is his discovery of a process that allows him to alter the size of any object from his own body to a full size prison complex. Hank's hope is to use these discoveries to make the world better, but is distressed that most of the practical applications of his research mostly seem to interest people that want to make weapons out of them.

Personality/Motivation: Dr. Pym firmly believes that people are fundamentally good and that even the most dangerous super villains can be rehabilitated if given a chance. He furthermore believes that scientific advancement can help everyone in the world to live better lives. The violence and destruction of a super-powered battle is disturbing to him, making him a reluctant member of the Avengers at best. Many of their enemies clearly cannot be allowed to have free reign, but the eagerness with which several of his teammates resort to violence makes him wonder if the Avengers are as big a problem as they solve. If it were not for the Wasp he likely would never have gotten involved to begin with.

Quote: "I joined the Avengers to help people, Including the villains!"

Powers/Tactics: Dr. Pym has used his scientific discoveries to give himself the ability to alter his size at will. With this power he is able to grow as large as a Frost Giant or shrink small enough to ride a flying ant. At his full size he is among the strongest men on earth, rivaling the Abomination or Thor. For philosophical reasons he prefers to use his powers to shrink down to the level of the insects he so enjoys. When large Ant Man uses his enormous hands to simply slap down opposition. When small he attempts to hide from his opponents until he can grow to full size and get in a blow before anyone knows he is there. A favored tactic is to distract an opponent until he can get a swarm of insects into the right position and swarm over them in a biting and stinging carpet.

Appearance: Henry "Hank" Pym is a tall, clean-cut, blonde, well-built man in his thirties. He perpetually wears his costume, often under a lab coat when working.

Designer's Notes: In mainstream comic's continuity Dr. Pym has had several sets of powers over the years, all variations of the "Pym Particle" that allows size alterations. The Avengers: EMH's version of Hank Pym combines several of these abilities into one character, but never actually names the Pym Particle as the source of these powers. Animation cues imply that the black stripes on his uniform spread some kind of energy released from Ant Man's belt over his body to cause the size alteration, but as this does not ever seem to limit him, none of Ant Man's powers are bought with foci or OIHID limits.

Note that given the size of his Multipower Reserve, Ant Man can either grow or use all of his other slots at once.

It is implied that Ant Man can summon ants to aid him, but as he rarely uses them to do anything other than scare people they are represented as bonus PRE. The same applies to his riding ant, it is only used for locomotion and as such is bought as limited flight rather than as a Follower or Summon.

Ant Man's Hero Designer FileCharacter by Marvel Comics. Character Writeup by Matthew B.

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