Active from the late 1960s to the end of the 1970s, North and South are popularly considered to be the two strangest superhumans anyone has ever seen (and that's saying something). Individually, the two possessed significant control over the forces of magnetism, while their giant magnets both amplified their powers and gave them a great degree of control. Worse yet, if acting together, they could merge their powers, in a synergistic effect, allow them to accomplish magnetic feats unmatchable by virtually anyone else.

A number of theories have been given as to their origins. These days no one really thinks they were mutants, mutates, or even from this planet. At one point they were thought to be constructs, specifically magical or techno-magical ones, but the current theory is they were aliens, pure and simple. Certainly their choice of "costume," as well as their utterly mad-cap actions and apparent lack of rational thought patterns supports this. However, exactly what alien race they belong to has never been satisfactory determined.

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