Much has been said about various German experimental war machines, such as the †berschwerer Kampfschreitpanzer or the WaffentrŠgerschreitpanzer. But the Allies had their unusual designs as well, such as this rather strange vehicle, the M15A "Gun Motor Carriage." Apparently only one prototype was ever made, and that was scrapped soon after the war. A wise decision to be sure, as the sheer number of guns would have been nearly impossible to use effectively in combat, while the riveted armor would never have held up in any sort of tank battle. Interestingly, there are rumors stating the M15A was designed to be an unmanned vehicle, meant to operate by remote radio control! It was also supposed to be used as a purely anti-infantry vehicle, with the multiple guns allowing the tank to engage targets on all sides without having to waste precious seconds rotating a turret.

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