Mael Maedoc grew up on the road, his home a trading caravan that traveled a regular route between the great cities. This instilled in him a degree of wanderlust and a desire to see and experience new things. When he came of age, he struck out on his own, deciding to found his own trade routes. Early in his travels he happened upon Adika, a Mithra who had decided to leave her isolated village to explore the rest of the world. After witnessing her prowess at unarmed combat, Mael hired her as a bodyguard, the two eventually forming a partnership both physical and romantic. They now operate out of the city of Einion, Mael trading goods from around the world, while Adika provides security.

Of course, not is all it seems. While Adika and Mael Maedoc are honest merchants for the most part, neither are adverse to earning a little extra coin. Adika often goes out to spy on their competitors, and more than once has helped herself to a rare or unusual item along the way. As for Mael Maedoc, he acts as a go-between for thieves, footpads, and burglars, purchasing their ill-gotten gains, and then selling them to unscrupulous buyers.

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