Bored with life in her village, Adika the Mithra left in search of adventure, fame, and fortune. One of the first people she met in her travels was a human traveling merchant named Mael Maedoc. Since she needed employment, and Mael needed a bodyguard (the roads are not always the safest of places), the two became partners and then lovers. Now they dwell in the city of Einion, where Mael Maedoc deals in goods from all over the known world, while Adika does her best to keep the shop secure.

Of course, not is all it seems. While Adika and Mael Maedoc are honest merchants for the most part, neither are adverse to earning a little extra coin. Adika often goes out to spy on their competitors, and more than once has helped herself to a rare or unusual item along the way. As for Mael Maedoc, he acts as a go-between for thieves, footpads, and burglars, purchasing their ill-gotten gains, and then selling them to unscrupulous buyers.

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