The following is a rough outline of how to convert your typical GURPS Supers character into a HERO System character sheet. Note that this is really a 'quick-and-dirty' guide to systems conversion, I am not all that familiar with GURPS mechanics to try anything more complex than the basics. This is also not an attempt to breakdown GURPS powers into their HERO equivalents. I highly recommend that anyone trying to convert from GURPS have (at least) GURPS Supers available.

PART I: Characteristics

When converting from GURPS to HERO use the following chart (adapted from Fantasy HERO 2nd Edition).

CHAR	Conversion
STR	see below
DEX	(DX x 2) -10
CON	(HT x 2) -10
BODY	HT and see below
INT	(IQ x 2) -10
EGO	see below
PRE	10 + (Charisma x 2.5) and see below
COM	see below
PD	Figured x 2 (note:  this may result in very odd numbers)
ED	Figured x 2 (ditto)
SPD	Figured(Round Up) and see below
REC	Figured
END	Figured
STUN	Figured

Note: the (CHAR x 2) -10 system works well enough for most translations. When adapting low-level characters (i.e. normals) this will result in HERO Characteristics from 10 to 30. This may be a bit extreme for some GMs. It tends to work out fine for Superhero characters.

STR: this stat is a mess as far as translations go. GURPS STR is linear (20 STR is twice as strong as a 10 STR, 40 is as twice as strong as 20 etc.), while HERO is exponential (each 5 points of STR is doubles your lifting capacity). After some rough figuring based upon stated values in source material and the GURPS maximum lifting rules I offer the following system:

15	13
16	14
17	15
18	16
19	17
20	18
21	19
22	20
26	23
30	25
33	28
35	30
45	33
55	35
65	38
75	40
90	43
110	45
130	48
150	50
180	53
210	55
250	58
290	60
350	63
410	65

BODY: some characters have the power of "Extra Hit Points". Add these to the HT score to find the character's final BODY total.

EGO: There are several ways to handle this. One is to use (IQ x 2) -10, which means that any smart character is going to have a high Ego as well. Another is to use ((IQ + Strong Will) x2) -10. The third is to use IQ + (Strong Will x 2) to determine EGO. The final is to use 10 + (Strong Will x 2). The best method seems to be the third way.

PRE: Another way is to give the character +3 PRE for every level of Charisma they have.

COM: A rough correlation is as follows:

Hideous			0-2
Ugly			4-6
Unattractive		8
Attractive		12-14
Handsome/Beautiful	16-18
Very Handsome/Beautiful	20-22+

SPD: This is very tough. The move score given for characters only reflects their actual movement. The character's Speed stat helps to determine over all quickness. A very high GURPS Speed should mean a very good HERO SPD. In many cases refer to the character description.

MOVE: Use the GURPS movement score straight over as the HERO Running. Some characters may have Flight, and some will have different Flight numbers (such as a base flight and a "super" flight). In many cases the Flight listed is a top speed. Usually these numbers can help determine the characters actual SPD as well.

PART II: GURPS Advantages

A lot of this are similar to HERO Talents. Others are simulated by a characteristic boost. See the chart below. Note: any GURPS Advantage not listed is something that doesn't translate to HERO easily.

Absolute Direction		Bump of Direction
Absolute Timing			Absolute Time Sense
Acute Hearing			PER bonus to hearing
Acute Taste and Smell		PER bonus to taste/smell
Acute Vision			PER bonus to sight
Alertness			PER bonus
Ambidexterity           	Ambidexterity
Attractiveness          	see COM
Charisma			see PRE
Clerical Investment		Perk:  Priest
Combat Reflexes			Increase DEX or CSL with HTH
Danger Sense			Danger Sense
Double-Jointed			Double Jointed
Eidetic Memory			Eidetic Memory
High Pain Threshold		Add to PD or ED, 1/4 Damage Resistance, Physical, Stun Only (-1/2)
Immunity to Disease     	Life Support:  Immunity to Disease
Language Talent         	Linguist
Legal Enforcement Powers	Perk:  Legal Enforcement Powers (var)
Lightning Calculator		Lightning Calculator
Luck:  15 Points		1d6 Luck
Luck:  30 Points		3d6 Luck
Military Rank			Perk:  Rank (var)
Night Vision			UV Vision (except *total* darkness)
Strong Will			see EGO
Toughness			Add to PD or ED, Damage Resistance or Armor
Wealth				see below
Dead Broke			Destitute
Poor				Poor
Struggling			Middle Class
Average				Middle Class
Comfortable			Middle Class 
Wealthy				Well Off
Very Wealthy			Wealthy
Filthy Rich			Filthy Rich
Allies				Follower
Patron				Contact

PART III: Disadvantages

These are pretty simple. Most of them translate right over to HERO disads pretty easy. I'd recommend getting a hold of a GURPS rule book to determine exactly what some of the disads mean, but... A rough breakdown of GURPS Disadvantages would be as follows:

SOCIAL				see below
Odious Personal Habit		Usually a DF, or a Psych Lim
Poverty				see Wealth
Primitive			Phys Lim:  Doesn't understand/unfamiliar with 'x'
Reputation			Reputation
Social Stigma			Usually a DF, or a Rep.

PHYSICAL			usually a Phys Lim.  Note that some GURPS Physical Limitations may or may not 
				be consider "valid" limitations by HERO System GMs.

MENTAL				usually a Psych Lim.  See notes below.
Addiction			Possible Psych and Phys Lim
Berserk				Berserk/Enraged
Dyslexia			Phys Lim
Illiterate			Phys Lim
Split Personality		Phys Lim, as well as possible Accidental Change
Unluckiness			1d6 Unluck
Weak Will			Lower the character's EGO


DUTIES				usually a Watched 

ENEMIES				Hunted

QUIRKS				May be a DF or a minor Psych Lim.  Some  GMs allow 1 point Quirks for HERO 
				as well 

PART IV: Super Advantages, Powers and Super Skills

Get a copy of GURPS Supers and read the power description. There are far to many powers and skills to even try and define them all in HERO System terms. Such a project is feasible, but far beyond the intended scope of this posting. Needless to say, most if not all questions such as power level, damage amounts and such will often be determined by the GM's preferences as well as information gained via translation. For example, the author of this article tended to keep to a standard 60 Active Points for powers when adapting the Wild Cards characters. The numbers tended to work out alright and provide a nice consistent base for others to modify from.

PART V: Super Disadvantages

Dependency			Dependence (or, possibly a Phys Lim)
Uncontrolled Change		Accidental Change
Vulnerability			Vulnerability
Weakness			Susceptablity

PART VI: Skills

Skills tend to be pretty straight forward. Most skills have HERO counterparts. Note that GURPS skills often have numbers that far exceed the typical 3-18 range that HERO uses. A rough listing of easy to translate skills is as follows:

Acrobatics			Acrobatics, Breakfall
Acting				Acting. Mimicry
Administration			Bureaucratics
Animal Handler			Animal Handling
Armory				Weaponsmith
Bard				Oratory
Climbing			Climbing
Criminology			Deduction
Demolitions			Demolitions
Diplomacy			Conversation
Disguis				Disguise
Escape				Contortionist
Fast Talk			Bribery, Persuasion
First Aid			Paramedic
Hobby Skill			Knowledge Skill
Hold Out			Concealment
Intelligence Analysis		Criminology
Forgery				Forgery
Gambling			Gambling
Interrogation			Interrogation
Lip Reading			Lipreading
Lockpicking			Lockpicking
Mechanic			Mechanics
Merchant			Trading
Navigation			Navigation
Pick Pockets			Sleight of Hand
Professional Skill		Professional Skill
Riding				Riding
Savoir-Faire			High Society
Science Skills			Science Skills
Sex Appeal			Seduction
Shadowing			Shadowing
Sleight of Hand			Sleight of Hand
Strategy			Tactics
Stealth				Stealth
Streetwise			Streetwise
Surgery				Forensic Medicine
Swimming			Swimming
Tactics				Tactics
Traps				Security Systems
Vehicle Skills			Transport Familiarity
Ventriloquism			Ventriloquism
Weapons Skills			Weapon Familiarity

Martial Arts:
Brawling			Dirty Infighting, or HTH CSLs (either 3 point or 5 point levels
Fencing				Fencing or Kenjutsu - any martial arts that relies mainly upon use of a sword
Judo				Akido, Judo, Wrestling - any martial art that concentrates upon throws 
				and holds
Karate				Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do - any martial arts that concentrates upon 
				punching and kicking

Note: some characters may have more than one martial skill. Moonchild (from GURPS Wild Cards) had both Judo and Karate. The game description mentioned her using Akido, but her nationality was Korean. I remembered her using Tae Kwon Do maneuvers in one of the books and gave her those packages. Other characters should get martial arts based upon origin and character description.

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