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Waaaay back in 1983, Steve Jackson Games and Hero Games joined forces to produce Autoduel Champions, a supplement for Car Wars and Champions. Recently, someone on the Hero Message Boards mentioned running a scenario akin to the old Car Wars adventure Sunday Drivers, which made me think or (and recommend) Autoduel Champions. Digging out my copy, I decided to try updating the HERO System characters to 6th Edition.

Considering when Autoduel Champions was written (roughly 27 years ago), converting from what looks to be 2nd Edition HERO System characters to 6E results in some pretty crude designs. Which isn't to say they're poorly written (Aaron Allston did the work after all), it's just they are lacking in many things I've come to expect from more modern characters. The characters (and vehicles) while serviceable, could see a lot of expansion in Skills, Skill Levels, Perks, Talents, and so on, depending on how cinematic and/or complete you'd want to make them.

I'd like to mention that both Hero Designer and The Ultimate Vehicle came in quite handy doing these conversions and updates. I also tried my best to not alter the characters in any way, but simply present them as written, just updated for 6E. While the NPCs might not all that useful for most games, the vehicles could be pressed into service as Champions supercars (especially for Viper), a Dark Champions vehicle, or even a post-apocalyptic combat car.

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