Destroy!!! was an oversized one shot comic book put out by Eclipse. It was done by Scott McCloud. It's the story of two testosterone pumped guys beating the crap out of each other in New York. In this battle most of New York gets destroyed. There are certain house rules that should be put into effect to make this sort of fight possible. Knockback is measured at 1" equals a block. If you hit an obstruction and the knockback exceeds the DEF + BODY, subtract 1" and continue. Ignore knockback damage as well. Some movement rates may need increasing as well. Since this is a very four color fight, don't worry about buildings collapsing on innocents. In the words of the mayor, "At least no one got hurt."

There were reprints of this comic in both a normal size and a 3D version. If you can find it, it's worth checking out for a good example of a silly, no-plot, just action game.

The only characters written up are Captain Maximum and Red Basher. You could have Barbara represented by a normal with the additional disad: "Stunned by pathetically small pieces of debris"

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