"Inuyasha, a Feudal Fairy Tale" is a long running Manga and Anime by Rumiko Takahashi. Like many of her other works it involves headstrong protagonists, complicated soap opera love triangles, and super heroic level combat. It is primarily set in a Feudal Japan during the Warring States period intermixed with demons and magic.

Conversion Notes

The characters are built using the English dub of the Anime as reference (Original Language Purists feel free to be dismayed) and reflect the characters as of about episode 50.

I have converted the characters on the assumption that human beings have Normal Characteristic Maxima but that this is not true of demons or monsters. Typical HERO System benchmarks for normal, skilled, and heroic level characters apply but characters like priests and wizards are often much higher. The heroes of the story are typically well above the level of the common man. Kagome is built using 21st century everyman skills while everyone else is built using Fantasy Hero defaults.

A typical "low level" and "monster of the week" demon are built on approx. 200-300 points. Possession of a shard of the Shikon jewel grants an additional 100 points which are typically applied to skill levels, characteristics, and buying up the main signature powers of the demon. Additional shards grant approx. 50 points each.

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