She certainly didn't think this plan through. Cyan sat upon the roof of Captain Jiranee's home with no way to get off of it. Her flying friend Donovan had dropped her off there so that she could talk with Edward, her cartoon come to life friend.

Cyan had noticed that Ed seemed somewhat out of character recently and felt a need to see what was up. She couldn't quite place it, but ever since her open heart talk with Donovan, she had been feeling much better about the group's given situation. With that also came a desire to get to know everyone in the group much better.

For what it was worth Cyan had been nothing but stand-offish to her teammates and at every turn shot down any attempts some of them had made to get to know her.

Until Donovan....

"Yeah, that floaty bastard left me up here, and with no way to get down." Cyan muttered under her breath.

Edward was still sitting across from her on the rooftop, stoically gazing off into the distance. Despite her attempts at some light humor and also apologizing for her actions towards everyone back at Fyrkat Village, Edward seemed to be lost to his own doubts and emotions.

A feeling Cyan knew all too well. Often on many nights back on Earth and even when they first arrived in this new world, Cyan found herself alone in thought. Contemplating on everything; what had happened, what was happening, and what will happen.

Who was she to judge Edward now? The man was clearly having issue with something, and he didn't feel the need to share. Cyan knew that pushing an issue never helped anything so it was best to simply let Ed be for the time.

Knowing that, Cyan re focused her thoughts. "I need to get off this roof somehow." She gave a quick look around the edge of the roof, seeing for anything she might be able to use to climb down to the ground. There was an open window just below her that she could reach, provided she climb over the edge. "Well… Nothing ventured, nothing gained." Cyan said aloud as she started over the edge of the roof.

As she brought her feet down and into the window Cyan couldn't help but hear the sounds of two women giggling and possibly the distinct chortle of her suave, ladies man friend Calvin. Crouched in the window sill Cyan was taken aback by what she saw next.

In the middle of the room, spread across the floor was a piece of canvas covered in large colored splotches. On top of this, was the tangled heap of Calvin and the two maids, Parvin and Taban. The three of them were stark naked, and giggling like children, completely oblivious to their new visitor. As Calvin stood and helped the two ladies to their feet, Parvin let out and audible gasp as she noticed Cyan perched in the window. Frantically searching for something to cover up with, she broke out in another fit of laughter as Taban sheepishly hid behind Calvin.

"Oh hey, Cyan!" Calvin managed to blurt out, trying not to laugh. He pointed with his thumb over his shoulder. "Uh... most people just use the door. Sumthin' I can help ya with? Hehee"

Most people would have done a double take, she did more of a quintuple take. Cyan was no school-girl, she had seen male-bits before in her life, but she couldn't help but not avert her gaze towards Calvin's dangly parts. It suddenly became clear to her why so many of the women they had encountered on their journey had such an affection for the man.

With a slow turn of her head away from Calvin, Cyan finally managed to look away. "I catch you guys at a bad time?" Cyan said with a slight blush starting to form from the awkwardness of the scene.

Noticing the redness in her cheeks, Calvin placed his hands on his hips and stood with mock pride. "Liking the angle of the dangle?" he said with a chuckle. "No, seriously though. Not a bad time at all. I was, uh, just showing these two lovely ladies the sport of kings and commoners alike. Twister!"

Casually, he stood there with a bemused look on his face. "What'cha doin' climbing in a second story window at this time of night?"

"Funny story really. You see, Donovan flew me up on the roof here but bolted off before I could get everything straight with Edward." Cyan said, keeping her head turned away from Calvin. "You gonna put on some pants or something?"

"Didn't realize you were so modest," he teased. He strolled over to where his pants had been flung against the wall, and quickly put them on, making the situation just slightly less awkward. "Ed having a 'moment' up there or sumthin'?"

"Yeah, I guess... but everyone's entitled to one I suppose. At least he isn't pulling any stunts like I've done, so I ain't gonna judge." Cyan said, turning her eyes back towards Calvin. "So you mind if I just cut through here? I sort of need to get back to my room."

"Truer words were never spoken. I just didn't take him to be the brooding kind, I guess." Calvin shrugged. Whatever Ed's problem is, he'll sort it out in his own way. He's good at that.

"Sure you don't want to join us? Taban's getting quite good at this."

Cyan raised her right eyebrow quizzically. "Join you? No thanks." As she started across the room to the door. Cyan couldn't help but feel to ask one last question to Calvin before departing. "You do realize the seriousness of things here, right Calvin?"

"Sure. We're about to overthrow the ruling party of a small nation. Thousands of lives will affected regardless of the outcome, and there's the very real possibility we'll all be killed. Either way, it sounds like a hell of a party. I'm glad to be a part of this." he smirked. "Why do you ask?"

"First off, you seem almost too happy about all of this... Second, I think Don may be having some doubts about the situation. Regicide isn't exactly his thing, and I think that he might be feeling that he pulled us into something that maybe we shouldn't have been a part of."

Cyan started to open the door, but turned to face Calvin. Her expression neutral as she could make it.

"You don't think Don made a bad choice do you?"

Calvin shifted his stance a little bit. A slightly more serious tone crept into his voice. "`Fear profits man nothing.' I understand how dire the situation is. I just figure there's no point in worrying about it. I mean, look. Jiranee doesn't seem the type to just up and say `Oh let's kill that guy.' She probably put a lot of thought into it before she even approached Don. And Don? Well… He's never led us wrong before. His heart's in the right place, and he just wants to do the right thing. I'll stand by his decision.."

" Besides," the humor returning to his voice, "For all we know, we could be dead tomorrow. Might as well make the most of it tonight!"

Cyan pondered on Calvin's words for a moment.   "Yeah, we could be all dead. Might as well do something good in that time then huh?" She turned once again to walk out of the room but was stopped again by another random thought. "One more thing before I go Calvin... Twister? Really?"

Calvin just gave her a shrug as he crossed his arms. "Taban was bragging about how flexible she is." This elicited a giggle from the girl in question. "Besides, somehow I don't think chess would have been nearly as fun."

Cyan looked at Calvin for a brief moment with a slightly quizzical look. Calvin didn't seem to have too much of a problem playing chess with Mr. Grimm back in Frykat. Perhaps he just wasn't too good at chess, or maybe he just wanted to fool around with some beautiful women in the nude. At this point it was probably better left unknown as the situation was already awkward to Cyan enough.

"Oooookaaaayyyy then... I'm glad we could have this talk Cal. It's good to know that you know how to show a lady—ladies a good time, and that you've got Don's back on this one."

For the final time now Cyan started out the door and into the hallway to head back to her quarters.

As the door closed behind Cyan, Calvin turned back to his lovely companions. "Well where were we? Oh yeah, I was still losing. Best five out of seven?"

Cyan stopped in the hall for a brief moment as she could swear she could hear the sound of the girls laughing hysterically now. She stopped for a moment, thinking about everything that just transpired and everything that was to be transpiring.

"Nah… Let him have his fun." Cyan walked off to her room, hoping to get a decent night's rest. "I just hope Cal doesn't use up too much energy. We got a big day tomorrow."

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