Since Donovan had mentioned the Undines, Calvin had been a bit anxious to get some life drawings of, for what had been up until present, a fictional creature. A fictional creature that happened to have tits! When the chance presented itself, he made sure he was not left behind. A group of villagers had organized a trip for the purposes of trade, and were more than happy to let Calvin and Edward tag along for the ride.

Once they had made their way to the river, they caught sight of a lone 'mermaid' enjoying the warmth of the sun. The villagers had discussed something with the fair creature, the whereabouts of others with stuff to trade Calvin assumed. He wasn't paying attention to the semantics as he was already breaking out the sketchbook. He made sure to bring his big black tome as he heard they weren't in the habit of being modest with clothing. This turned out to be as accurate as he had hoped, as she was definitely bare-chested.

"You guys can go on ahead. I'll catch up in a few. I just wanna sketch her up real quick." Calvin said as he found a nice comfy rock to sit on. The others went on about there intended business as they moved out of sight of the young man and his subject. The well-figured fish-woman merely smiled in apparent amusement. This could get interesting...

When Calvin saw fit to rejoin the group, Edward took note of his appearance and lifted a brow. "You alright man? You fall in or something?"

Holding his shirt and his sketchbook in his hand, Calvin was drenched head to toe, a most bewildered look on his face. His eyes shifted to focus on Edward, his expression unmoving. "Yes...  No... I.. don't know. I need a towel." The man sounded confused. 

Edward blinked and nodded just slightly "Yeah... I think you need quite a bit more than that..."

In an attempt to return to normalcy, Calvin set his book on the ground and tried, with some difficulty it seemed, to put his shirt back on. His book was still open to the page he had been drawing on. On it there were several drawings of the Undine he had just departed.

Edward tilted his head and shifted his stance to get a better look. "So.. is that, you know, correct? I mean, you aren't taking artistic license there or anything are you?"

Pausing in his endeavor, one arm still not quite in it's appointed sleeve, Calvin looked Ed in the eyes. A slight pause as he considered his words, and then a very deadpan "Yes. Very Accurate."

He blinked. "Ahh. I see. I don't think I want to know how you found that out, but I'll leave you to it."

As Calvin corrected his wayward garment, he seemed to be starting to pull himself together. "Mental Note: I'm never eating fish again." he said to no one in particular after a long cleansing breath.

"Now I KNOW I don't want to know." Edward replied, turning away from the soaked artist.

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