In the few years he'd been working at Advanced Research & Development Corp's 'illustrious' shipping/receiving department, Calvin Murdoch expected to see some really cool stuff. For a company that proudly boasts "Tomorrows' Technology Yesterday," not much had come through his glorified mail room any more interesting than a couple of prototype PDAs and a really weird toaster. The really cool toys were fabled to come from the UK branch or the military R&D in Denver, CO. Nope, his post at ARD Corp's HQ was secretly a normal mailroom. Being a mere liaison to FedEx did have some perks though. They paid well, gave him a security clearance, and had an awesome vacation plan. The last detail he intended to fully exploit.

This trip would mark the first time he's ever been in an aircraft. Finally, a chance to leave the everyday hum-drum, if only for a week.  And hey, Bermuda should be fun, right? All those bikini clad beauties? He grinned at the thought of seeing how many he could get to 'pose' for his 'artistic' endeavors. Yeah, a good change of pace. For now though, he had to reconcile himself with the here and now. Sitting in a chair in a machine flying through the atmosphere is a wondrous thought at the onset, but to experience it firsthand, it seems little more than a fancy bus trip. Boredom sets in fast as usual as he makes for his sketchbook. 

Looking around the cabin for a subject, Calvin's eye catches on a flight attendant wearing a skirt short enough he could almost tell what religion she was. That particular image never made it to paper as she turned quickly to accommodate a mountain of a man as he made his way, presumably, to the 'John'.

" 'scuse me there ma'am," he said with a very noticeable southern-drawl, as the petite stewardess made her way to the forward compartment. Wouldn't want to mess with a guy like that. Probably 'wrassled gators' or some-such back home.

A seat or two over, Calvin could vaguely hear the sound of J-Pop coming from the i-pod of a guy in a long coat. He was indulging himself in a manga Cal had read some time ago. Good artwork, but a mediocre story if he remembered correctly. Keep looking, he thought as that flight attendant made her way back into the cabin. She started talking to some kid who was, by admission of the shade of red in his face, very flustered. She won't be making her way back here anytime soon.

Another member of airline staff made his way to the back, again obscuring Cal's view. A pilot by the looks of him. Probably on layover. He did, however, bring Cal's attention to a carmel skinned beauty he hadn't noticed before. Her more than adequate features barely hidden by her long-sleeved top. Wow, you'd think Bermuda was frigid or something, Cal mused as the Captain signaled incoming turbulence. Wonder how she'd look in a bikini?

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