As the PCs entered Jayanama they found a large group of townspeople gathered out in front of the village tavern. Mayor Sunan the Farming Person stepped forward and asked Captain Jiranee, as the King’s representative, to pass judgement on a thief (and possible bandit) the villagers had caught a few days before. The prisoner was brought forward and the PCs saw it was an anthropomorphic fox—fur, tail, ears, the works—who was protesting his innocence. Mayor Sunan explained that the thief had been caught trying to steal a wheel of cheese. The villagers felt he was a member of Ciodaru’s band, come to scout the place out before Ciodaru’s return.

The PCs then learned that a Farming Person named Ciodaru had come into the village about three hands of days ago and had demanded food. Upon being told the village had no food (harvest being in about a five hand of days), he told the villagers to have food set aside for he and his men once the harvest was in, and then left, burning a barn to show he meant business.

Captain Jiranee, for her part, asked the anthropomorphic fox to explain himself. He gave his name as Jonathan Roberts, and said he was lost, hungry, and knew nothing of any bandits. Marcus and Donovan realized the was speaking English. They then asked Captain Jiranee if they could question him and she assented. Meanwhile the villagers pressed for judgment. Mayor Sunan left the matter in Captain Jiranee’s hands, Peraphon argued for his execution, on the grounds it would set an example to Ciodaru. Direk agreed. Surot the Leaping Person priest felt Jonathan’s word were true, and he wasn’t a bandit, so clemency should be granted. Sartra was unsure what to think, while Kanya wanted Captain Jiranee to come to a decision so plans could be made for the return of Ciodaru. Captain Jiranee simply listened to the various arguments.

Questioning Jonathan Roberts, the PCs found he’d been on their flight, and like them, had awoken in a scrap of wreckage (which for him was pretty much just his seat.) He wandered in the woods for some time, growing more and more hungry, before feeling ill, feverish, and then passing out. When he awoke, he was in a shallow pit, his clothes and the like all gone, and he looked as he did now (he started out as a human accountant from Virginia.) While the PCs wondered at his transformation and what it meant, Jonathan let slip that he was now his “fursona,” i.e. his “furry” on-line persona for internet role-playing. Apparently, “Jonathan Roberts” was also a English Fox from the 1600s, in a world of swashbucklers and sorcerers. However, Jonathan Roberts as of yet hadn’t developed the ability to cast spells.

Approaching Captain Jiranee, the PCs told her that Jonathan Roberts wasn’t a bandit. They also took responsibility for him and his actions, although Captain Jiranee warned them ( and Roberts) that if he ran off, they’s be liable for any damages of crimes he committed. The PCs agreed to this and warned Roberts not to try anything. Roberts simply asked for food and clothes.

Later, the PCs went downstairs to join the council Captain Jiranee had called together to determine the threat to Jayanama. The story of Ciodaru was explained in detail. For the most part, the villagers wan’t to resist, but were unsure what they could do and how to do it. Captain Jiranee walked the village with Billy Jo and Edward to determine the best methods for defense. Calvin was asked to draw up some maps, Cyan made preparations for a surgery, Marcus was asked to look into engineering projects for defense, while Donovan offered to scout the area. In order to keep Roberts from running off, Marcus shot him with the stun setting on his CREW.

After scouting the town, the PCs realized defense would be difficult. The hardest part would be bringing the food in from the fields and fortifying the town. While Captain Jiranee debated ways to barricade the roads, the PCs decided the best thing to do was take the fight to the enemy. Sending Donovan out at night, he scouted the local area from the air. The natural darkness of the Well at night worked to his advantage, making it that much easier to see the bandit’s campfires.

After locating the bandits, and determining they were roughly 50 miles away (or two and a half days), the PCs decided to strike them first. The group determined there was around 40 bandits in the troop, with roughly a dozen horses. They were encamped around a rock outcropping near a stream. Splitting up, the PCs decided to do a hit-and-run, disrupting their routine and making as much as a mess as possible before withdrawing and trying again.

The initial strike was a flyby with Donovan carrying Marcus, who tossed down some home-made Molotov Cocktails. Right after this, Billy Jo and Edward rushed into attack, and the whole “hit-and-run” idea fell apart. Billy Jo and Edward wrecked havoc among the troops, with Edward striking down Ciodaru himself. Billy Jo tackled numerous foes, while Marcus (with Donovan’s help) lopped firebombs and fired his CREW. Captain Jiranee joined the fray from the far side, first by freeing the horses then by cutting down a half-dozen foes all by herself.

When it was all over, the PCs had slain roughly a dozen or so bandits, injured another dozen, and driven off a dozen more. The remaining dozen surrendered.


Captain Jiranee mentioned that Marcus’s CREW reminded her of things she’s seen in the tunnels under Virava.

Jonathan Roberts seems to have taken a liking to Vilgerther.

You’ve met the following people:

Kanya the inkeeper and alewide, a green-skinned Farming Person. She runs the tavern in Jayanama and likes visitors (since visitors mean money.)

Mayor Sunan, a white-skinned Farming Person. While he is mayor of Jayanama and quite well off, he’s also not one for confrontations outside of his area of expertise, and is happy to defer to Captain Jiranee on certain matters.

Surot the Leaping Person priest. He’s rather old, with gray fur and white hair. He tries to be the voice of reason in the village.

Durudee, a Hunting Person barmaid.

Ciodaru and his men. A mixed bar of beings, including Beast, Farming, Hunting, Leaping, Running, and Scaled People. The Beast people are new to you, and look much like the classical Greek Satyr. The Scaled People look like the Lizard Troopers you fought in Fyrkat.

Ciodaru is a deep yellow color with dark hair. He’s dressed (at the time of his capture) in worn clothes—cloak, tunic, trousers, boots, a coat of plates, vambraces, grieves, belt, and a sword.

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