Agvider—male with green skin. He’s a hunter and really good at hiding in the forest.

Dagfithr (dag yreeth)—female with blue skin. She’s Vidar’s wife and helps with the smithing. It’s generally agreed that if she was seven feet tall and green, she’d make an excellent She Hulk.

Guthny (gooth-nee)—female with blue skin. Aged 48 seasons or so, she’s perky, vivacious, and won’t stop talking. In the modern era, she’d be a cheerleader and in the glee club.

Halli (hal-lee)—male with red skin. he’s Vidar’s son and apprentice. He’s around 55 season old and has a physique similar to Vidar’s.

Kolli—male with yellow skin. He’s a goatherd. His leg was broken in the Sky Raider attack.

Styrmir—male with purple skin. Wounded in the Sky Raider attack.

Váli (vow-lee)—male with blue skin. He is the oldest person in the village, but still retains his build, which must have been impressive when he was younger. He tends to think before speaking, and isn’t one for idle chit-chat.

Vidar (vee-dar)—male with red skin. Village blacksmith. He has an impressive physique (think the guy who played “Thor” in Adventures in Babysitting.) He lost most of his left arm in the Sky Raider attack.

Glassblower—Wounded in the Sky Raider attack.

The Orange Girl—the only orange-skinned woman in the village

The Orange Guy—the only orange-skinned man in the village


Agni—male. He’s a weaver and wants to start a family with Harfreder. Billy Jo thinks he’s gay.

Dalla—female. She’s about 48 seasons of age, with tanned skin and white hair. Like many Hunting People females, she’s very tomboyish. Wounded in the Sky Raider attack.

Finnogi (fin-nbohgee)—male. Apprentice to Vidar the blacksmith. He’s around 48 seasons of age and shows signs of developing muscle (he’ll probably end up the most muscular Hunting Person in the village.) Wounded in the Sky Raider attack.

Gormr—male. He’s a leather worker. Killed in the Sky Raider attack.

Gyda—female and Harfreder's niece. 18 seasons old and cute as a button. Wants to be a hunter when she grows up.

Harfreder—female and roughly 80 seasons or so. She’s an expert hunter, but reckless, and tends to hunt alone.

Harfreder's brother—Not mentioned by name, but he’s Gyda's father and a farmer. He, and his wife, were killed in the Sky Raider attack.

Karl—male, adult.

“Moe” and “Poe”—twin children (one male one female) aged no more than 15 seasons or so. Cyan virtually adopted them as her own before leaving the village.

Mother Gytha (gee-tha)—female. Likened to Sophia Loren, she’s akin to the village doctor, midwife, and nurse all rolled into one.

Rafnsvartr—male, adult.

Vakr—male, adult. Killed in the Sky Raider attack.


Authfríthr (aooth-freeth)—female. About 70 seasons old and Herger and Hildigunnr’s daughter. She’s unique in being very dark-furred, as opposed to the typical Leaping Person grays and whites.

Halma—older female. Takes care of the children while the parents are out working.

Herger (her-ge)—male with gray fur. Village carpenter. He has a great sense of humor (his advice to Marcus when the latter couldn’t properly lift a hammer was “Grow stronger.”) His hair is worn long and heavily braided and decorated (his wife’s work.) Billy Jo is in slight awe at his ability to eyeball measurements.

Hildigunnr (heel-dee-goon-n)—female. Herger’s wife. She has an unusual physique for a Leaping Person (she’s very curvaceous) and wears her hair to her waist. She’s also the village’s primary barber, if the need arises.

Mister Grimm—male. He’s more gray then white, and is never seen without his pipe and straw hat. He speaks slowly, with a lot of thoughtful pauses, and seems have come from Central Casting with the label “wise-old grand-dad.”

Vilgerthr (vil-gerth)—female. About 48 seasons old, she has white fur and hair and is Mister Grimm’s daughter and Mother Gytha’s apprentice. Quiet and studious, she’d wear glasses and have an arm-load of books if this was Teen Champions.



Chook—a Sky Raft trooper captured after the assault on Fyrkat.


Unnamed Serpent Men who spoke with Marcus.


Jarl Thorkell the Ring Giver—male Farming Person with blue skin and black hair and beard. Known for his sense of justice and largess. Impressive visually, as he’s well-dressed and well-armed.

Aldis—female Farming Person with blue skin. Thorkill’s daughter, she’s quite attractive and somewhat impetuous. Ended up with Calvin after the feast.


Captain Jiranee Jenvirava, “the flower of Virava”—female “elf.” She stands 6’6” with a build that is both well-toned and very well-endowed. She’s the king of Virava’s “freelance” and at best estimate is over 225 years old (might be as old as 250.)

Direk—male Farming Person with orange skin and dark hair. Quiet, he tends to agree with Peraphon on everything.

Peraphon—male Farming Person with yellow skin and dark hair. He’s short tempered and abrasive.

Sartra—male Farming Person with gray skin and light gray hair. He’s doesn’t get along well with Direk and Peraphon. He’s the village fisherman (tending the fish pond near the temple) and good friends with the village’s priest, a Leaping Person named Surot.

Surot—male Leaping Person and priest of Jayanama.



Captain Jiranee Jenvirava, “the flower of Virava”—female “elf.” She stands 6’6” with a build that is both well-toned and very well-endowed. She’s the king of Virava’s “freelance” and at best estimate is over 225 years old (might be as old as 250.)

Members of Captain Jiranee Jenvirava's Estate


The King’s Minsters who were named were: Birchandra, Kalindi, Muni, Ranganathan, Sumukar, Sundar. Of these, Birchandra was Pallathu’s closest confidant, while Ranganathan was the chief of the secret police.

Iosef—A purple-skinned Farming Person with gray hair and beard. Head of the Yellow Candle Society.

Rama the Oracle. This is the holographic representation of Altus Astrum Rimor’s library computer node (which is linked into various ship’s systems.) As a learning system, it could, eventually, communicate with the people of Virava in their native language. Marcus has asked it to only answer to the PCs (and Captain Jiranee.)

Viviana—White-haired and white-tailed Fox Person. A member of the Yellow Candle Society.

Zorzs—A Beast Person bartender at the Broken Plow.


Kaboyo the Forest Person—She looks like a green-skinned Farming Person, although her hair is more feathery, her ears are pointed, and her fingers and toes are quite long (the latter are nearly prehensile.) She seems young (60 seasons or so), attractive, and is dressed in just a worked leather loincloth.


The Warlord Conan—He stands 7’ tall and weighs in at around 400 pounds. he has the body of a Greek god and looks like he walked right out of a Boris Vallejo painting. He wears armor of mail and plate and carries (and fights) with an axe in his left hand an a sword in his right. Both are weapons most men would need two hands to lift. His hair is black and falls to his shoulders, and he wears a thick black mustache that frames his mouth down this his jawline. He, like the PCs, was on the airplane and has been in the Well for years and years. At best guess, he might have been here for a decade or so.

Warrior Maiden Mihrimah—She’s a tall woman, with lightly-tanned skin, long rippling blue-white hair, and brilliant gold eyes. She has an athletic build, full breasts, and a sculpted rear. Unlike Conan, her only armor is vambraces and greaves of plate. She wears a simple white tunic-like garment that’s has a diamond-shaped opening from neck to navel and is cut high over the hips. Her weapon is a 12’ spear that just looks heavy, but she carries like it was a toothpick. She too was on the plane and recognized both Billy Jo and Donovan.


Ayna—A violet-skinned Farming Person with lavender hair, she’s quite young (maybe 60 seasons.) A calligrapher and scribe, she’s happy to teach Calvin and Marcus how to write in her language as well as learn how to write in Vilgerthr’s runic script. She’s jittery for a few days as she adjusts to A) life outside, B) clothes, and C) freedom.

Cenanna—A green-skinned Farming Person, she was one of Conan’s slave girls before Calvin won her freedom. A harpist by trade, she’s only around for a few days after being freed. Calvin uses his gambling winnings to purchase her a horse and manages to acquire her a passport that will allow her to travel through checkpoints so she can return home.

Kateena—A red-skinned Farming Person with knee-length reddish-black hair. As mentioned, she’s very, very smart, and an apparent master of games of strategy. Observant PCs will note that she plays Conan the same way she plays games, maneuvering him into granting her (and the rest of the harem) special favors and benefits.


Unnamed Serpent Person—When communication was established with the Center, this individual came on screen and angrily announced “You are failing!” Once he realized how bad his troops had failed, he broke the connection.


Akela—She’s a Boat Person with two-toned skin with dark bluish-purple bodies and pale near-white torsos, faces, and hands. They also have a second set of small (but nimble arms), webbed fingers and toes, pointed ear, and hair. She stands around 5’8” (just shorter than Calvin) with long darkish blonde hair and a slender figure. Calvin met her in a wineshop in the Merikano Market.

Arunkumar—a male Hunting Person with tan skin and shoulder-length long hair. He (and his two companions) all dress in similar fashion—cotehardie, thick woolen hose, and low leather boots. He (and his companions) also wear steal breastplates, sallets, leather and steel arm and leg harness, and carry hand-and-a-half swords. As for Arunkumar himself, he’s the leader (or sorts) of the trio of squires and rather devoted to the idea of being Edward’s faithful student.

Shyam: A male Running Person with light brown skin and straw-colored hair. He’s armed, armored, and dressed as noted, expect his boots are knee-high and his hose is lined inside the thighs to resist wear when he runs. He’s also rather inquisitive and curious and tends to be the one mostly likely to suggest a new course of action to the trio.

Susheela—A female Furred Person with gray fur and tail and a golden mane. She dresses as noted, except her boots come up to mid-thigh and she wears simplified articulated metal armor over her knees. She’s notable for having a fine singing voice, but tends to be shy about using it in front of strangers.

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