The Well can be (and if I ever run it, will be) littered with all sorts of “lost” aircraft and ships (or the crews and passengers there of). For example: Flight 19, the USS Cyclops, the Star Tiger and Star Ariel, Amelia Earheart, the SS Waratah, the crew of the Mary Celeste, and so on. There also could be strange statues and other “out of place” objects, that look nothing like the ancient ruins found all over the Well and obviously beyond the ability of the current inhabitants to construct.

One location of interest, that is part of the Well, are the Pylon Plazas:

The Pylons/Obelisks: Placed about the Well (in a grid-like pattern if anyone bothers to map them) are plazas set with multiple obelisks. The plazas are roughly 100 yards square, with a tall (100’) Washington Monument-looking obelisk in the center. At each corner of the plaza is a 50’ obelisk, while at the 50 yard mark down each edge of the plaza is a 25’ obelisk. The 50’ obelisks look like tall pyramids, while the 25’ pylons have an elongated diamond shape and rest on large bases.

The purpose of this arraignment is to draw in lighting strikes. The pylons will glow during storms, and are often struck by lightning. These strikes are then channeled to the large, central obelisk, which then charges the batteries kept within. These batteries (which appear as blue-white crystals), in turn, are often used by the Snakemen to power their weapons and vehicles. In addition, some weapons and artifacts will only work near a vicinity of an Obelisk Plaza.

Other powers the Plazas might have include controlling the weather, speeding up/slowing down/stopping time, opening portals to other plazas, and possibly time travel within the Well.

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