This section attempts to list and describe all the spells and spell-like effects seen in the pages of the Silent Möbius manga. Most powers demonstrated by Lucifer Folk are not listed, as these seem to be 'innate' powers as opposed to actual castable spells. Each spell will have the following items of information:

Page Number: The page number the spell appears on. This number will be the page number of the Japanese volume (or Side). If there is a Viz-translated trade paperback that also shows the spell, then that page number will be given in parentheses.

Who: The person casting the spell.

Spell Name: The name of the spell as given in Silent Möbius. If none is given, the name might be that of the spells most obvious feature (for example, if the spell is clearly a barrier, then the spell name will be "Barrier Spell"). If there is no given name and the spell's purpose is unknown, then the name will be listed as "Unknown".

Incantations: Incantations given while casting the spell. In general, these will be taken from various sources, not just the Viz-translated version.

Description: What the spell is seen to do in the pages of the manga. Naturally, some of this will be guess work. In general, I will describe exactly what is shown.

Game Effects: An attempt to define the spell and it effects using the HERO System. Some spells will get actually write ups, others will only be guessed at and given suggestions. Due to the nature of the manga, very few spells will be fully written up. Any spells that are written up will usually use a base of 60 active points.

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