One of Chicago's odder paranormals is "Willie the Ghoul," better known to some as the sole driver (and owner) of "Undead Taxi." He works, as he likes to put it, the "graveyard shift," shuttling people out late a night to where they need to go. His name is no joke, by the way—he really is a walking corpse, a former taxi driver murdered while on duty and returned from the dead. There is some evidence that he was brought back, and is not a self-willed revenant. Who did it, however, is still a mystery. As for Willie, the moniker "ghoul" shouldn't be taken seriously—he has no interest in eating anyone's brains. On the other hand, there are some dark rumors circling about dealing with his treatment of pimps, pushers, and other such undesirables who use his cab late at night....

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