Danut Coman is one of the (in)famous Coman clan, a family laboring under a Gypsy curse for the last 500 years. With each generation, the first born son is cursed to rise again as a strigoi mort (a form of vampire) after death. Danut himself is a dhampir, or half-vampire, as he was conceived after his own father died and returned as a strigoi mort. As such, he possesses certain supernatural abilities allowing him to find, hunt down, and kill other vampires.

Danut has dedicated his life to destroying vampires wherever they can be found, with particular emphasis given to members of his own family. He feels little to no remorse when he kills another Coman, seeing it not as murder, but release from an undead hell that none of the Coman's asked for or even wanted (and if they did, Danut's efforts are that much more intense to find and destroy them). At the same time, Danut must live with the knowledge that one day he, too must rise as a vampire. Thus, Danut has sworn never to allow himself to love a woman; his bloodline must end with his death.

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