This undated photo shows a (very) early incarnation of the "Odd Squad," a group of third and fourth-tier metahumans with powers and abilities of questionable utility and usefulness. They fought crime (if you could call it that) in and around the Berkley college campus, and despite nearly never winning a battle versus any real super villains, they wrecked utter havoc on thieves, belligerent drunks, would-be rapists, stalkers, and other petty criminals. Naturally, they became campus favorites. Their leader is Featherweight, seen in the center of the photo. He backed up his questionable boxing skills with the ability to lift nearly 1,000 pounds, making him the strongest member of the team and the one closest to being a viable second-tier metahuman crimefighter.

Ah, yes, I remember them well! I was on their team, briefly, when I was first starting out.

From Left to Right

Volleyball Pirate—could do amazing things with a volleyball, matey! and of course like any good pirate, he could work that net, whether climbing and swinging from it lobbing his volleyball (which always bounced back to him from his enemies) or entangling enemies in it (net not shown)

The Adequate Avenger—the glamor boy of the group, the Avenger may not have been Amazing, but he could fight well and could almost fly (hovering, mostly); he was also impervious to small knives and .22s

The Crusader—a pious young fellow, he turned his primary attention to vampire hunting using his various powers based on his cross; boyfriend at that time to Waltzing Maltida

The Featherweight—packed a mighty punch, at least more than you'd think, and quite dextrous; the widely-acknowledged but unofficial leader of the group; sadly no longer with us after a secret mission, but forever in the hearts and minds of all Odd Squad fans

Waltzing Maltida—she could dance gracefully—all the while performing move-throughs on her enemies! we loved Maltida, she really kept things from getting too tense sometimes, great sense of humor; now retired and raising children, though her now-husband The Crusader is still active

The Demon Deb—that's no mask, folks! Demon Deb claimed to be a real demon and a debutante among them to boot! we really don't know what's true, but she was incredibly tough, able to take almost any damage, though she really didn't display any offensive powers at least when we knew her; mysteriously disappeared, some say she went back home to Hell; what perplexed us was that she was awfully good for a demon; The Crusader said she was just harmlessly delusional, though some suspect he was covering for her and that she was really a double agent of some weird sort

Kid Krusher—self-proclaimed but not really leader of the Odd Squad, KK was a real ass, but he tried hard; no one's sure if he even really had powers; at least he claimed he was invisible during encounters, and perhaps some of those odd strokes of luck somehow involved him, but I doubt it!

Witch Doctor Welby—we were lucky to have Witch Dr. Welby around; he was a healer with strange potions and spells; he couldn't fight at all, but really fixed us up when we needed it; nice guy, too; however, we never saw him without one of his masks on, he claimed that he was cursed to wear a mask forever or lose his healing powers; last I knew he was working with the Toxic Avenger

Captain Geek—the good Captain Geek was invaluable at research; he'd work long into the night, finding what we needed no matter what it involved; he lived solely on Mountain Dew and Rolled Gold Pretzels

Ah the old days!

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