In today's superhero-dominated society, police departments the world over have to adapt their law enforcement efforts in new and creative ways. Here we see a selection of highway patrol officers, each dealing with a different superhuman problem.

A California Highway Patrol officer discuses proper highway etiquette with the self-proclaimed "Sons of Antares." Claiming to be the offspring of a alien/human union, the Sons are a common sight on California freeways, cruising the state as they spread their message of love, peace, and universal brotherhood.

The Scarlet Speedster receives a citation for creating a public disturbance and endangerment after running through a Texas town at speeds over 100 mph. Interestingly, despite a wealth of superspeedsters in the world, few municipalities have enacted laws restricting their actions and attempts to give them speeding tickets have often failed, since speed limits only apply to vehicles. On the other hand, judicious use of "creating a public nuisance" citations and the like have been used to great effect.

The Nevada Highway Patrol is one of several southwestern states to equip their patrolmen with exotic sports cars to serve as interceptors. Here, Jammer, driver of the infamous supercar "Sunstreak" (seen out of costume with his female mechanic/sidekick Gears), discovers that being able to go 160 mph means nothing if the car chasing you can top 200.

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