Daughter of the Sun and the Moon

Aamurusko Hamara

Aamurusko Hamara is the seventh (and youngest) daughter of the Sun and the Moon. As three of her sisters went to live with Father Sun, and three with Mother Moon, Aamurusko found herself homeless and unwanted, neither accepted or acknowledged by either of her parents. She then left the Sky and came to dwell on the Earth, wandering the frozen wastes as a spirit of the endless nights and the midnight sun, sharing aspects of both her parents, the Sun and the Moon.

In the countless millennia since her exile, Aamurusko has become a patron to those who walk alone—such as trackers, hunters, rangers, and scouts. Her dual nature is felt to represent the known and the unknown, the life-giving sun of summer and the deathly cold of deepest winter, the light of reason and the shadows of mystery. She is a keeper and revealer of secrets, a gatherer of the dead and healer of the wounded, a goddess of the day and the night, and the lady of the twilight hour.

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