Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
2	STR	-8	9-	Lift 16 kg; 0d6 HTH Damage
18	DEX	16	13-
11	CON	1	11-
15	INT	5	12-	PER Roll 15-
8	EGO	-2	11-
12	PRE	2	11-	PRE Attack:  2d6

6	OCV	15
8	DCV	25
3	OMCV	0
3	DMCV	0
3	SPD	10		Phases:  4, 8, 12

3	PD	1		Total:  3 PD (0 rPD)
3	ED	1		Total:  3 ED (0 rED)
4	REC	0
22	END	1
6	BODY	-4
14	STUN	-3		Total Characteristic Cost:  60

Movement:	Running:	12m/24m 
		Leaping:	4m/8m
		Swimming:	4m/8m

Cost	Powers & Skills
5	Bite:  HKA 1 point, END 1
5	Claws:  HKA 1 point, END 1
9	Cat's Senses:  +3 PER with All Sense Groups
5	Cat's Eyes:  Nightvision
5	Cat's Nose:  Tracking with Normal Smell

1	Fringe Benefit:  XSWAT Corporal

6	Pretty Kitty:  +2/+2d6 Striking Appearance (vs. all characters)

8	+1 with HTH Combat

3	Breakfall 13-
7	Charm 13-
3	Climbing 13-
5	Concealment 14-; Self Only (-½)
2	KS: A Reasonable Understanding Of XSWAT Customs 11-
3	Understanding:  Language:  English (completely fluent)
	Notes:  Corporal Cadbury understands English rather well. He can't speak English, but Jama can 
	apparently understand his trills, purrs, and meows, and swears he talks to her. Cadbury is also 
	rather adept at finding other ways to communicate.
7	Hey! Pay Attention To Me!:  Power:  Being Cute 13-
	Notes:  This Power Skill sort of works like Charm and sort of like Mind Control. Basically it allows 
	Cadbury to entice people into forgetting what they are doing and start paying attention to him. 
	This might range from giving him a treat to a full-body brush down. Cadbury is far too smart to 
	use this Skill on Jama... everyone else is fair game.
7	Shadowing 14-
5	Stealth 14-

Total Powers & Skill Cost:  87
Total Cost:  146

175+	Matching Complications (50)
15	Physical Complication:  Limited Manipulation (Frequently, Slightly Impairing)
10	Physical Complication:  Small, down to half human size (1m; +6m KB) (Infrequently, Slightly Impairing)
15	Psychological Complication:  Devoted To Jama (Common; Strong)
10	Psychological Complication:  Likes To "Help" (Common; Moderate)

Total Complications Points:  50
Corporal Cadbury

Background/History: When Jamadigni first was appointed Director of XSWAT she was a mere 23 years old. The stress of trying to rebuild the shattered force (XSWAT had lost roughly 1/5 of their forces resisting the final Entity assault) as well as attending countless funerals (for XSWAT officers, Angelus Police forces, and others) finally proved to be be too much, resulting in the young Director locking herself in her office and breaking down crying. Although she thought no had noticed, the next day Jama found a small box sitting on her desk. Inside was a tiny black kitten, “all fuzz, big eyes, ears, and paws, and sharp claws.” Supposedly, Jama spent the day with the kitten asleep in her lap, unwilling to move for fear of disturbing him.

Naming him Cadbury (after the former Director), Jama gave him the run of her office. He was quickly entered onto the roll of officers as a Corporal, and took to patrolling the entire administrative level, hunting dust motes, treats, and the dangling tails of canine and feline Clades.

As he grew older (and far bigger), Jama would hold conversations with Cadbury and swore the cat talked back. Her assistants initially gave a smile and nodded, and humored the Director by talking to Cadbury as well. And sometimes the cat seemed to listen, and other times would respond. To their credit, her assistants took it in stride. This was XSWAT and the Director’s cat after all, weirdness comes with the badge.

Personality/Motivation: Every since he was a tiny ball of fluff, Cadbury’s been Jama’s constant companion, friend, and confidant. He tends to lounge about her office, napping in the sun, or curls up on her desk to watch her work. Sometimes he takes a walk around the outer offices, and has been known to bring a small ball of paper with him, drop it at a desk, wait for the desk’s occupant to toss it, and then chase the ball down. He’ll then drop the ball at the nearest desk, and repeat until he’s made a circuit of the floor. Visitors have sometimes arrived to find the Director sitting in her chair in the middle of a hallway, reading memos and emails on a portable, while tossing a ball down the hall for her cat to fetch.

Cadbury is amazingly well-behaved for a cat, especially a Maine Coon. Like all Maine Coons, he loves to help, and will energetically assist Jama in most activities that look interesting (the IT department has learned to bring treats to keep Cadbury entertained with whenever they bring in any new equipment.) Jama brings Cadbury to virtually all XSWAT functions, as well as some City Council meetings and the like. She finds Cadbury helps soothe her nerves (and in the early days gave her hands something to do), while Cadbury likes the change of venue.

Quote: “Trrrl?”

Powers/Tactics: As Cadbury is just a cat, albeit a very big cat, he tends to stick with basic “cat” tactics. Thus he likes to strike from ambush, and is rather adept at hiding himself in unlikely places. Of course, he’s far smarter than any ordinary cat, and can and will pick his battles (and the place to fight them) in a way that provides him with the most advantages. When he actually does attack, he’ll often bite, perform a Grab with his teeth, and then claw at his target with his front paws. If possible he’ll try and rake with his back claws as well.

Campaign Use: Cadbury works best as comic relief. He isn’t particularly powerful or much of a threat in combat, but he is cute and might be able to charm a PC using his feline wiles. He also works well as an ice-breaker, since 20 pounds of fuzzy Maine Coon is rather hard to ignore when he flops into your lap and demands attention. Of course, seeing as he’s rather protective of Jama, Cadbury could easily make a PC’s life miserable if he thinks they’d harmed, offended, or insulted her in any way. Papers, car keys, PDAs, cell phones—in other words, anything small, portable, or shreddable, may vanish when no one is looking, only to be found in small pieces at a later date. And as stuffy chauvinistic corporate executives found much to their regret, the Director’s cat simply loves to get into things he really shouldn’t.

As a final note, GMs who want to make Cadbury more powerful (or more important a Follower to Jama) can give him the Familiar template from the HERO System Bestiary.

Appearance: Corporal Cadbury is a full-grown male Maine Coon who weighs in at a good 20 pounds or so. His fur is a dark gray-black with silvery-gray highlights. His eyes are a faint gray color as well, while his muzzle is white. As with all Maine Coons, his fur is very thick, which helps ward of the cold and damp so typical of Angelus’s weather.

(Character sheet created by Michael Surbrook)

Corporal Cadbury's Hero Designer File

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