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Doom 3
One Space Marine versus the Forces of Hell. The original First-Person Shooter remade with an empahsis on horror.
Dungeon Defenders
A tower defense game in which up to four youthful heroes battle hordes of dark elves, golblins, ogres, and orcs.
Dungeon Of Dredmor
A lone hero must make his (or her) way through the 15 levels of the lich Dredmor's dungeon and destroy him.
Half Life 2
The G-Man brings Gordon Freeman back to battle the Combine 20 years after the events of Half Life.
Left 4 Dead 1 & 2
It is two weeks after first infection and the eastern half of the United States has been overrun by the zombie apocalypse .
Team Fortress 2
Teams BLU and RED fight over gravel pits, train stations, weapons installations, and the occasional briefcase stuffed with secret papers.

Anime and Manga | Asian Cinema | Australia | RPGs | Video and Computer Games

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