The following firearms are drawn from a wide variety of sources. In many cases the stats given (like number of shots) are taken directly from the source material. Certain stats are most certainly improbable and impossible; but hey, I didn't make this stuff up, I just wrote up the adaptations!

Values were determined based on the gun's stats, comparison to real-world guns (if possible), comparison to weapons in published Hero books and a bit of "well, that looks good".

The Graviton is a large (36.5cm/14" long), heavy (3.8kg/8.3lbs) handgun that fires a magnetically accelerated slug. It appears in the anime/manga series Silent Möbius where it is carried by members of the Attacked Mystification Police to dispatch monsters (the weapon is so powerful that the AMP is forbidden to use it on people). Although it's not exceedingly accurate, and only holds three rounds, it packs a massive punch.

Modifiers: Area of Affect: One Hex (+ 1/2), +2 RMod (+6 pts), 3 Shots (-1 1/4), OAF (-1)
STR Min: 10
Active Cost: 88 points
Real Cost: 27 points
Modifiers: Area of Affect: Megahex (+ 3/4), +2 RMod (+6 pts), 3 Shots (-1 1/4), OAF (-1)
STR Min: 30
Active Cost: 126 points
Real Cost: 39 points
Weapon is bought as a Multipower, costing 39 points, with two ultra slots. Slot one (standard) costs 3 and slot two (hi-power) costs 4 points.
Total: 45 points

Notes:The Graviton is a massive weapon that measures 14" long and weighs eight and a half pounds. It is capable of destroying small entities with a single shot. Use of the weapon on humans is stricktly forbidden. In the original series, only Kiddy could fire the Graviton on the hi-power setting.

The Graviton is bought as a Multipower, with the first slot being the 'standard' setting and the second being the 'hi-power' setting. Both slots use the same magazine. The Graviton is presumed to fire a round that detonates into a spherical gravity 'pulse' shredding anything within its radius of affect. Due to the extreme effects of this weapon, it will suck up dust and debris upon detonation and is known to leave hemispherical craters after impact..

The "Megahex" is not a standard 4th Edition Advantage. Basically, it is a AoE: One Hex with a 1 Hex increased radius. Basically this means the attack affects the center hex and all 6 hexes that are adjacent to that hex. Total coverage of the atatck is 7 hexes..

If the Graviton is fired at full power, the character doing so takes 1d6 of normal damage for every 3 STR they have less than 30. You do not get to apply your defenses to this damage. So, if a 10 STR character fires the Graviton, they take 6d6 of damage directly. This will average out to 6 BODY and 21 STUN, more than enough to disable the average person's arms.

This handgun is used by Leon McNichol in the anime series Bubblegum Crisis (specifically episode 6, Red Eyes). It is a massive revolver, firing 15mm slugs. The Earthshaker is a 'break-action' weapon, similar in design to a Webly revolver. It is a powerful pistol, having a STR Minimum of 23 (18 if used two-handed).

Power: 3d6+1 RKA
Modifiers: +1 Stun (+ 1/2), -1 OCV (-5pts), +1 RMod (+3pts), 3 Shots (-1 1/4), OAF (-1)
Active Cost: 78 points
Real Cost: 22 points

This rifle is based on the weapon that appeared in Aliens. It fires a 10mm caseless explosive tipped slug, a "standard light armor-piercing round". It has been pointed out that the M-41A really couldn't have 100 rounds in the magazine, so I recommend not using it in a games with a heavy basis in reality. The rifle's STR Minimum is 15.

Power: 2d6 RKA
Modifiers: Autofire 5 (+1/2), +1 Stun (+1/2), Armor piercing (+1/2), +2 OCV (+10pts), +2 RMod (+6pts), 100 Shots (+3/4), OAF (-1)
Active Cost: 113 points Real Cost: 56 points
Grenade Launcher
Power: 9d6 EB (physical)
Modifiers: Explosion (+1/2), +2 RMod (+6pts), 6 Shots (-3/4), OAF (-1)
Active Cost: 73 points
Real Cost: 26 points
Weapon is bought as a Multipower, costing 56 points, with two ultra slots. Slot one (rifle) costs 5 points and slot two (launcher) costs 3 points.
Total Cost: 64 points

Taken from the anime Bubblegum Crisis, as well as the anime/manga series AD Police, this rifle is obviously based on the M41-A. It drops the grenade launcher for a laser sight, but keeps the pump action. Why? I don't know. Several scenes seem to indicate that it can be used like a pump shotgun, but it also fires on full auto... Maybe one has to use the pump to jack a new round into the chamber? As with the M-41A, it uses a 10mm round, so this weapon's ammo capacity is suspect. It's STR Minimum is 14.

Power: 2d6+1 RKA
Modifiers: Autofire 5 (+1/2), +1 Stun (+1/2), +2 OCV (+10pts), +2 RMod (+6pts), 60 Shots (+1/2), OAF (-1)
Active Cost: 103 points
Real Cost: 51 points
Laser Sight: +1 OCV (+5pts), +1 RMod (+3pts), Limited range (50") and limited use in smoke, rain, snow (-1/4), OAF (-1).
Active Cost: 8 points
Real Cost: 3 points
Total Cost (Rifle + Sight): 54 points

The Masiya Corporation SB-1000 appears in the anime Sol Bianca. This is a huge rifle, something like 6+ feet long! Because it's a laser weapon and comes with a built in bipod, it has a STR Minimum of 14. The comment is made that it can hit a coin 30 kilometers away, and later the gun is used to snipe from orbit (I kid you not). I'm including it, just because I wanted to see how many times one had to buy "Increased Range" to do that.

Note: the name "SB-1000" is made up, they only refer to Masiya Corporation as the maker in the anime.

Power: 4d6 RKA
Modifiers: Armor Piercing (+1/2), +1 Stun (+1/2), +3 OCV (+15pts), No Range Modifier (+1/2), Increased Maximum Range: 37,500" or 75 Kilometers or ~50 miles (+3/4), 20 Shots (+1/4), No KB (-1/4), OAF/Bulky (-1 1/2)
Active Cost: 210 points
Real Cost: 76 points
Gun Sight: +2 OCV (+10pts), +16 RMod (+32pts), 1/2 DCV Concentrate (-1/4), OAF/Bulky (-1 1/2)
Active Cost: 42 points
Real Cost: 15 points
Total Cost (Rifle + Sight): 91 points

A 12 gauge pump-action shotgun made in South Africa, the Neostad utilizes a revolutionary magazine system that sets two six-round magazines side-by-side. A simple flick of a lever and the user can switch from one magazine to another! Each magazine is capable of being loaded with what ever type of ammunition the user desires.

Power: 2 1/2d6 RKA
Modifiers: +1 Stun (+1/2), +1 OCV (+5pts), +2 RMod (+6pts), 6 Shots (-3/4), OAF _ (-1)
Active Cost: 71 points
Real Cost: 35 points
Note: Weapon is bought as a two (ultra) slot Multipower, with each magazine being one of the two slots. Base cost for the Multipower is 35 points, slots costing 2 points each. If using non-standard ammunition (the above example is for slug), then the new attack should be built on no more than 70 active points.
Total Cost: 39 points

Powerguns appear in David Drake's Hammer's Slammers. It uses a matter to energy conversion principal (read the book for the scientific mumbo-jumbo) to produce bolts of plasma. The bolts have excellent penetrating ability, but do not impart a lot of kinetic impact, and are true line-of-sight weapons. The burnout roll is because the spent 'rounds' are plastic chips that can cool and harden on the ejection port, preventing further use (at least until the stuff can be chipped away). The weapons also have a problem with barrel degradation, and the barrels have to be replaced periodically.

Note that the beams discharge their energy on the first thing they hit, and do not continue on through. Thus they tend to blow up the first thing they hit. A gunfight in a tree is going to destroy a lot of leaves and branches, but the shots will not continue on to hit their target. The number of shots is arbitrary, I don't remember Drake stating any figures.

Note that these are for hand held guns, the bigger tri-barrels, calliopes and main tank guns reach the level of absurd in regards to damage done. (Were you hit? Too bad, you're dead.)

1 cm Pistol (STR Minimum of 7)
Power: 3d6 RKA
Modifiers: Armor Piercing (+1/2), +1 Stun (+1/2), +2 OCV (+10pts), +4 Rmod (+12pts), Increased Maximum Range: 5,625" or 11.25 Km (+1/2), 10 Shots (-1/4), Burnout 15- (-0), OAF (-1)
Active Cost: 134 points
Real Cost: 59 points

1 cm SMG (STR Minimum of 10)
Power: 3d6 RKA
Modifiers: Armor Piercing (+1/2), Autofire 5 (+1/2), +1 Stun (+1/2), +2 OCV (+10pts), +4 Rmod (+12pts), Increased Maximum Range: 5,625" or 11.25 Km (+1/2), 40 Shots (+1/2), Burnout 14- (-1/4), OAF (-1)
Active Cost: 179 points
Real Cost: 79 points

2 cm Rifle (STR Minimum of 12)
Power: 5d6 RKA
Modifiers: Armor Piercing (+1/2), +1 Stun (+1/2), +2 OCV (+10pts), +6 Rmod (+18pts), 20 Shots (+1/4), Max Range: 9,375" or 18.75 Kilometers, Burnout 15- (-0), OAF (-1)
Active Cost: 234 points
Real Cost: 117 points

A note on maximum range values. I figured the max range based on the Active Points in the base power, not counting any other modifiers. It didn't make sense that weapon "x" should have a longer range then weapon "y", just because "x" has a +1 Stun, for example.