Greek Helmet
Greek Helmet

This section lists several cultural and professional Templates GMs might find useful in their Mythic Greece-themed Fantasy Hero campaign. Many of these Templates can be used in conjunction with the various Templates offered in Fantasy Hero.


Greek Amazons are female warriors from matriarchal societies found all over the known world. Tribes are known to exist on the southern coast of the Euxine (the Black Sea), Libya, and Scythia (southern Ukraine and surrounding lands.) Amazonia itself is a kingdom on the southern coast of the Black Sea in what is now Turkey. Amazonia itself is divided into three major tribes, each ruled by a queen, all of whom are daughters of Ares, the god of war (and the patron of the Amazons.) Once a year the Amazons spend two months with a local tribe of men (the Gargarensians.) Male children that result from this union are sent to the Gargarensians, female children are kept by the Amazons.

Amazon warriors carry bows, half-moon shaped shields, axes, and spears. They wear armor and clothes made from the skins of wild animals. The Amazons have large force of calvary, keep horses in great numbers, and are known as excellent horse tamers and trainers. They even sacrifice horses to the gods in the same manner as the Greeks do oxen.

The Amazon Template is unbalanced due to the changes in costs of Complications from 3rd Edition to 6th Edition. People wanting to play an Amazon character should look at the Nomad and Warrior Cultural Templates from Fantasy Hero. They may also want to consider the Light Fighter Template.

Amazon Template
Cost	Ability
2	AK: [home territory] 11-
3	Riding 12-
0	TF:  Equines
4	WF:  Common Melee Weapons, Common Missile Weapons

Total Cost Of Package Abilities:  9

Value	Complication
5	Distinctive Features:  barbaric mode of dress, speech, and mannerisms (Concealable; Not Distinctive 
	In Amazon Culture)
10	Psychological Complication:  Distrustful/Paranoid About Men And Their Aims (Common; Moderate)

Total Cost Of Package Complications:  15

Amazon Template Hero Designer File


A Myrmidon is a warrior from Aegina Island or Phthia. They were created by Zeus from ants in order to repopulate the plague-ravaged lands. Thus, they make adept soldiers and laborers and possess excellent battlefield unity (GMs may want to give them Teamwork as well.) People wanting to play a Myrmidon character should look at the Light and Heavy Warrior Templates from Fantasy Hero.

Myrmidon Template
Cost	Ability
5	+5 STR
6	+3 DEX
3	+3 CON
5	+1 OCV
5	+1 DCV
1	+1 PD
1	+1 ED
2	AK: Aegina or Phthia 11-
3	Tactics 11-
4	WF:  Common Melee Weapons, Common Missile Weapons

Total Cost Of Package Abilities:  35

Value	Complication
5	Distinctive Features:  similarity of appearance, fighting style, and general oddness about them 
	(Concealable; Not Distinctive In Myrmidon Culture)

Total Cost Of Package Complications:  5

Myrmidon Template Hero Designer File


Any Greek sorcerer/sorceress is actually a priest, devoted to a god in return for the ability to learn and cast spells. People wishing to play a Greek sorcerer should also look at the Contemplative and Crusading Priest Templates from Fantasy Hero. However, certain types of sorcerers may be more of Druids instead.

Sorcerers can only cast spells relating to the realm of influence of their patron deity. For example, a priestess of Aphrodite could could have Powers with the following effects: Aid to PRE, Drain INT or EGO to enable an easier seduction, Healing for those who are true followers of Aphrodite, Mind Control to inspire love (or lust) for another, Transform to make someone beautiful, and so on. A sorcerer of Ares might have spells to make weapons for damage (Aid to HKA), to make a warrior more effective in battle (Aid to STR, DEX, OCV, DCV), Healing to BODY, END, and STUN, and so on.

Sorcerer/Sorceress Template
Cost	Ability
1	Language (literacy in native tongue)
2	PS: Priest/Priestess 11-
5	Power:  Magic Skill (EGO Roll +1)

Total Cost Of Package Abilities:  8

Value	Complication
10	Hunted:  patron god or goddess Infrequently (Mo Pow; NCI; Watching)

Total Cost Of Package Complications:  10

Sorcerer/Sorceress Template Hero Designer File


Non-human characters can appear in a Mythic Greece campaign. Game Masters can allow players to select centaurs, nymphs (either water or wood) and satyrs as PC races.

Centaurs can be used as written on page 64 of The HERO System Bestiary. Centaurs can have Heroic Powers and can be Sorcerers.

Nymphs can be used as written on pages 260-263 of The HERO System Bestiary. However, these are powerful characters and may be too powerful for some Mythic Greece campaigns (it just depends on of the PCs are normal heroes or nigh-demigod-like heroes.) Some suggested changes include:

For all Nymphs, you might want to remove or reduce the various Nymph’s Form powers. Not all of them are immortal and may have to eat, drink, and sleep, just like everyone else. In addition, Dryads and Naiads can drop the Susceptibility Complication. Finally, all Nymphs should have 2-4 levels of Striking Appearance.

Nymphs can be Amazons and/or Sorceresses in addition to being Nymphs. As Sorceresses, their patron god(dess) should relate to their inherent nature (i.e. a Dryad sorceress might be a worshipper of Demeter or Dionysus, a Naiad might worship Poseidon or Amphitrite, an Oread would worship one of the earth deities.) Player Characters can also have Nymphs as mothers. This would allow them to buy certain increased characteristics in line with their mother’s (such as DEX, INT, EGO, and PRE, 1-2 levels of Striking Appearance, reduced levels of Life Support (usually 1-2 points of Longevity), and so on.

Satyrs can be used as written on page 274 of The HERO System Bestiary. Players can also elect to play aas a Silenus, which is just like a Satyr, but has a horse’s legs instead of a goat’s. As Satyrs are not heroes in the eyes of most Greeks, they should have a poor reputation among most people. Satyrs and Silenus can be Sorcerers.