Freedom Force was a computer game about superheroes released in 2002 by Irrational Games LLC. Freedom Force is a 'Silver Age' setting, one which borrows so blatantly from Jack Kirby's art style and concepts that he could easily sue if he were still alive. As in several other games where the player chooses between characters, continued game play and completion of missions 'opens' new characters to use, but in Freedom Force this process is actually part of the game story, as the superteam is called upon to rescue other characters and their reputation (assessed in points) allows them to recruit new heroes. The four charter members of the team are Minuteman, Mentor, El Diablo and Man-Bot. Many other characters can be recruited, but all games have these four as the starting roster. Thus, the team can get quite large, but the game play only allows you to use four heroes on any given mission.

Most of the characters are designed to be relatively low-powered, not only in keeping with the era (early '60s) but the way the game works; it's quite possible for characters to get waylaid and beaten unconscious by common crooks.

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