Red Dragon Inn



Dierdre toasts the goddess!

Red Dragon Inn is a board game (of sorts) produced by Slugfest Games. The concept is fairly simple; you play one of twelve members of an adventuring party, back from the dungeon, and ready to spend their loot. Game play consists of drawing cards from a character deck and using those cards to alter drinks, avoid getting your drink altered, gamble, cheating at gambling, detecting people cheating at gambling, and so on. You also buy drinks for your friends and consume the drinks you’ve been given. Last one standing (and not flat broke) wins.

Some time back, while playing a game of Red Dragon Inn I commented that between the various characters, their cards, and the quotes thereon, you could create some interesting HERO System character sheets. After a lot of delays and other dawdling, I present the finished result.

Comments on Character Construction

The twelve Red Dragon Inn characters are as follows:  Dierdre the Priestess, Dimli the Dwarf , Eve the Illusionist, Fiona the Volatile, Fleck the Bard, Gerki the Sneak, Gog the Half Ogre, Kaylin the Enchanter, Phrenk the Alchemist, Serena the Paladin, Wizgille the Tinkerer, and Zot the Wizard. When designing their HERO System character sheets I obeyed the following “rules”:

  1. Characters were to be set in Hero Games’ Turakian Age, if only because it has a pre-made magic system and numerous racial and professional templates handy. This also means all spells and other magical abilites are were taken from the HERO System Grimoire and can be found, fully-detailed, there.
  2. Each character gets one 20 in the Characteristic most related to their profession. Thus, Dierdre has a 20 EGO, Gerki a 20 DEX, and Fleck a 20 PRE. There are exceptions, such as Gog (the Half-Ogre) and Phrenk (who’s a troll.)
  3. Characters are to be written as generically as possible. Thus, they are missing many of the skills you might expect them to have—such as additional Languages, as well as Area and City Knowledges. Many of the characters have skills with (choice) listed or unspecified Contacts. Game Masters can fill these out as they wish.

As a final note, the characters don’t have backgrounds, just descriptions. They also have fairly sparse Disadvantages, which ties into Rule 3 above.

Red Dragon Inn Cast Notes
Deirdre the Priestess | Dimli the Dwarf | Eve the Illusionist | Fiona the Volatile | Fleck the Bard | Gerki the Sneak | Gog the Half-Ogre | Kaylin the Enchanter and Wulfric the Wolf | Phrenk the Alchemist | Serena the Paladin | Wizgille the Tinkerer | Zot the Wizard and Pooky the Psychotic Rabbit

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