Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
23	STR	13	14-	Lift 606.3 kg; 4 ½d6 HTH Damage [2]
26	DEX	32	14-
23	CON	13	14-
20	INT	10	13-	PER Roll 13-
23	EGO	13	14-
25	PRE	15	14-	PRE Attack:  5d6

9	OCV	30	
9	DCV	30	
8	OMCV	15	
8	DMCV	15	
6	SPD	40		Phases:  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

12	PD	4		Total:  12 PD (6 rPD)
12	ED	4		Total:  12 ED (6 rED)
10	REC	6
46	END	6
16	BODY	6
40	STUN	10       	Total Characteristic Cost:  262

Movement:	Running:	18m/36m 
	Leaping:	8m/16m
	Swimming:	4m/8m

Cost    Powers & Skills
18	Iron Shirt:  +6 PD, Resistant (+½) plus +6 ED, Resistant (+½)

	Martial Arts:  Taijutsu
	Maneuver	OCV	DCV	Damage
4	Block		+2	+2	Block, Abort
5	Breaking Throw	-2	-2	Grab One Limb; HKA 1d6 , Disable; Target Falls
4	Dodge		--	+5	Dodge, Affects All Attacks, Abort
5	Kick		-2	+1	10 1/2d6 Strike
4	Punch		+0	+2	8 1/2d6 Strike
4	Reversal	-1	-2	48 STR to Escape; Grab Two Limbs
5	Takeaway	+0	+0	Grab Weapon, 43 STR to take weapon away
3	Takedown	+1	+1	6 1/2d6 Strike; Target Falls
3	Throw		+0	+1	6 1/2d6 +v/5, Target Falls
4	Weapon Element:  Blades, Karate Weapons, Polearms and Spears, Staffs
8	+2 HTH Damage Classes (already added in)

	Path Of The Shadow's Companion
15	1)  Shelter Of Darkness:  Darkness to Sight Group 2m radius, Usable As Attack (+1 ¼); No Range (-½), END 2
30	2)  Strike From Darkness:  HA +6d6, Armor Piercing (+¼); Hand-To-Hand Attack (-¼), END 4
30	3)  Blade Of Darkness:  HKA 2d6 (3d6+1 w/STR), END 3
20	4)  Dark's Soft Whisper:  Invisibility to Hearing Group , No Fringe, END 2
7	5)  Gathering The Darkness:  Change Environment (-6 to Sight Group PER Rolls); No Range (-½), 
	Self Only (-½), Only In Shadowy Areas (-½), END 2
25	6)  Friend Of Darkness:  Spatial Awareness (Unusual Group), Increased Arc Of Perception (360 Degrees); 
	Costs Endurance (-½), END 4

40	Immune To Bullets:  Damage Negation (-12 DCs Physical); Only Works Against Firearms (-½)
60	Infernal Shield:  Physical Damage Reduction, Resistant, 50% plus Energy Damage Reduction, Resistant, 50%
2	Powerful Leaper:  Leaping +4m (8m forward, 4m upward), END 1
6	Swift:  Running +6m (18m total), END 1
31	Infernal Form:  Life Support  (Eating: Character does not eat; Immunity All terrestrial poisons 
	and chemical warfare agents; Immunity: All terrestrial diseases and biowarfare agents; Longevity 
	Immortal; Self-Contained Breathing; Sleeping: Character does not sleep)
10	Telepathic Link:  Mind Link , One Specific Mind (The Bound), Psychic Bond
32	Supernatural Regeneration:  Regeneration (2 BODY per Turn)

4	Fringe Benefit:  High-Ranking Member Of The Eaters Of The Lotus
2	Reputation:  powerful warrior, servant of the Lotus, fearsome foe (People of the Netherworld) 14-, +2/+2d6

32	+4 with HTH Combat

3	Acrobatics 14-
4	AK: The Netherworld 14-
3	Analyze:  Style 13-
3	Breakfall 14-
1	Bureaucratics 8-
10	Defense Maneuver I-IV 
3	Interrogation 14-
2	KS: Eaters Of The Lotus 11-
4	KS: The Netherworld 14-
2	KS: Ninjutsu 11-
3	KS: Stategy And Tactics 13-
3	Persuasion 14-
3	Power:  Magic 13-
3	Tactics 13-
4	WF:  Common Martial Arts Melee Weapons, Common Melee Weapons

Total Powers & Skill Cost:  465
Total Cost:  726

400+	Matching Complications
10	Distinctive Features:  Style (Not Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-
	Used Senses)
0	Hunted:  Assorted Netherworld Factions Frequently (Less Pow; Watching)
5	Hunted:  Eaters Of The Lotus Frequently (As Pow; Watching)
15	Negative Reputation:  tool of the Lotus, Very Frequently (Extreme; Known Only To A Small Group)
25	Physical Complication:  Mute (All the Time; Slightly Impairing)
15	Psychological Complication:  Gunslinger Mentality (Common; Strong)
20	Psychological Complication:  Utterly Confident Fighter (Common; Total)
326	Experience Points

Total Complications Points:  726

Background/History: An entity of unknown origins, the Strangled Scream, or simply “Scream” for short, is an operative for the sorcerous faction known as the Eaters of the Lotus. He acts as an enforcer for the leader of the Lotus, Gao Zhang, ensuring underlings follow out Zhang’s orders. Why he’s linked to the Lotus is unknown. It might be due to the Lotus’ command of supernatural powers, or it might be simply due to the Lotus not being wise enough to avoid him.

Personality/Motivation: Although technically a commander of Lotus forces, the Scream doesn’t both to make plans, instead leading by example. He loves destruction and fighting, and will be at the forefront of any battle, especially if it involved powerful foes. Rumor has it he feeds on the souls of mighty warriors and/or heroes, and will seek out anyone who starts to make a name for themselves in the Secret War.

Quote: None, the Strangled Scream doesn’t speak.

Powers/Tactics: referring one-on-one combat, the Scream will allow an opponent to make the first move, utterly confident in his skill to avoid any such attack directed at him. Curiously, for one who’s a master of the Path of the Shadow’s Companion, the Scream often starts his fights in the open, allow his foes to see him before beginning battle. Initially he will use his taijutsu to bring down an opponent, only using his Shadow’s Companion powers if his foe proves to be fairly immune to mere hand-to-hand techniques.

The Scream is often accompanied by the Bound, a being he created to be his servant. He also uses various strange creatures as heralds and emissaries, including Chorus of Tongues and Pack Fiends.

Appearance: The Scream appears as a young Asian man, with a muscular physique. His face bears an expression of abject terror, with his mouth open wide in an endless, albeit silent scream due to the silk gag covering his mouth.

Designer's Notes: The Strangled Scream is found in the Feng Shui supplement Elevator to the Netherworld. A strange being, it could be used in Urban Fantasy or Horror Hero games with ease. It could also be as a summoned demon or extra-dimensional creature in a Champions game.

The Bound has her own character sheet. I’m still working on the Chorus of Tongues. Pack Fiends look like savage dogs that have been lopped in half. They drag themselves about by their front legs and trail blood and entrails where ever they go. The Scream sends them out in large packs of a dozen or more. The Scream could have other beings at his command.

The Strangled Scream's Hero Designer File

(The Strangled Scream created by Atlas Games, character sheet created by Michael Surbrook)

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