-23 Years That Yellow Bastard Nancy Callahan born.
-12 Years That Yellow Bastard Roark Jr. kidnaps Nancy. Saved by John. The resulting shootout puts both Roark Jr. and John in the hospital. John is framed for multiple accounts of child molestation. Sent to prison and spends 8 years in solitary.
-4 Years and 3 Months A Dame To Kill For Ava leaves Dwight for Damien Lord.
-4 Years and 2 Months That Yellow Bastard John Hartigan walks into Katie's and finds Nancy Callahan (who at this point is 19). According to the background action, Ava broke off her engagement to Dwight a month ago. Shelly takes Dwight home.
Just Another Saturday Night Marv sees Nancy run off with John. Ends up wondering where he got his coat and gloves from.
That Yellow Bastard John and Nancy leave Katie's. Roark Jr. follows. Eventually, the three of them end up at The Farm, where John kills Roark Jr., frees Nancy, and then kills himself.
-3 Years and 3 Months A Dame To Kill For Dwight saves Miho from two Tong members.
-9 Months A Dame To Kill For Dwight last saw Shelly.
-3 Months and 3 Weeks A Dame To Kill For The Twins take over Old Town.
-3 Months and 2 Days A Dame To Kill For Dwight contacted by Ava Lord and meets Manute.
-3 Months and 1 Day A Dame To Kill For Dwight goes to Damien Lord's. Is beaten for his trouble.
-3 Months A Dame To Kill For Dwight and Marv attack Damien Lord's. Marv blinds Manute in one eye. Dwight Kills Damien. Ava shoots Dwight repeatedly. Marv takes Dwight to Old Town.
-2 Months (?) Blue Eyes Gail tells Shelly Dwight is still alive. Delia kills her old lover, Jim. Becomes an assassin for the Colonel, and takes the code name of "Blue Eyes."
0 Hour Sin City Marv wakes up next to Goldie, who is dead.
+1 Day Sin City Marv walks into Katie's, where Nancy is dancing. He talks to Weevil.
A Dame To Kill For Bob and Mort walk into Katie's, talk to Shelly.
+2 Days Sin City Marv looks for answers, ends up at The Farm. Is captured by Kevin, but escapes. Lucille has been captured by Kevin as well. She is killed in the escape.
+3-5 Days (?) Sin City Marv scopes out Old Town. Is captured a second time. Meets Wendy. He attacks The Farm, kills Kevin, then finds and kills Cardinal Roark.
A Dame To Kill For Bob and Mort argue over Ava Lord and the Damien Lord murder case. Mort shoots Bob, then shoots himself.
+3 Months A Dame To Kill For Dwight is fully healed. Ava approaches Wallenquist. He states he will merge their operations, and sends a man from Phoenix to set up the arraignment.
+3 Months and 1 Day A Dame To Kill For Dwight McCarthy, Gail, and Miho attack Ava Lord's. Manute is shot by Dwight, Shot by Ava, and stabbed by Miho. He lives. Ava is killed by Dwight.
Unknown Wrong Turn Phil is killed by Delia. Gordo pushes his car into the tar pits. This story occurs somewhere between Blue Eyes and Hell and Back, since Wallace kills both Delia and Gordo in the latter story.
Unknown Hell And Back Wallace saves Esther from suicide. She is then captured by the Colonel. Wallace wages war on the Colonel and his operation, and when it's all over, Wallace has killed Blue Eyes, Maxine, and Gordo, while Leibowitz kills the Colonel.
As a side note, there is a problem with this story, continuity-wise. In one panel it looks like Dwight is driving the Cadillac from Family Values, except he doesn't get that until after Manute is dead, and Manute is very much alive in Hell And Back.
Unknown The Babe Wore Red Dwight saves Mary from Fat Man and Little Boy (who were working for Wallenquist). He puts a bullet into each of their legs. The Farm is now abandoned, and Dwight states Marv is on Death Row.
Unknown The Big Fat Kill Miho kills Detective Jack Rafferty. After it is all over, Manute is finally killed for good.
Unknown Family Values Dwight investigates the murder of an Old Town girl. Best guess makes this about 3 Months after The Babe Wore Red.
+18 Months Sin City Marv has been sent to Death Row. While there he is visited by Wendy.
+18 Months and 1 Day Sin City Marv executed. It takes two tries.

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