Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
13	STR	3	12-	Lift 151.6kg; 2 1/2d6 HTH Damage
14	DEX	12	12-	OCV:  5/DCV:  5
13	CON	6	12-
10	BOD	0	11-
18	INT	8	13-	PER Roll 13-
17	EGO	14	12-	ECV:  6
15	PRE	5	12-	PRE Attack:  3d6
14	COM	2	12-

4	PD	1		Total:  4 PD (0 rPD)
3	ED	0		Total:  3 ED (0 rED)
4	SPD	16		Phases:  3, 6, 9, 12
6	REC	0
26	END	0
24	STUN	0		Total Characteristics Cost:  67

Movement:	Running:	6"/12"
		Swimming:	4"/8"

Cost	Powers & Skills
2	Strong Swimmer:  Swimming +2" (4" total) ;1 END
4	"Superior... Vision":  +2 PER with Sight Group
6	"Superior... Vision":  +4 versus Range Modifier for Sight Group

30	Followers:  the Crew of the Nautilus
15	Money:   Filthy Rich
40	Vehicle:  The Nautilus
3	Well-Connected
15	Assorted Contacts:  various industrial concerns and rebel groups

16	+2 with All Combat
0	Acting 8-
0	AK:  India 8-
5	AK:  The Seven Seas 14-
3	Conversation 12-
3	Deduction 13-
3	Electronics 13-
3	Inventor 13-
3	Mechanics 13-
4	Navigation (Marine) 14-
3	Oratory 12-
3	Persuasion 12-
2	PS:  Organist 11-
2	PS:  Sea Captain 11-
0	PS:  Soldier 8-
4	Survival (Marine) 14-
3	Systems Operation 13-
3	Tactics 13-
1	TF:  "Diving Apparatus", Submarines
4	WF:  Common Melee Weapons, Handguns, Rifles
2	Weaponsmith (Firearms) 13-
3	Linguist
3	1)  Language:  "Nautilan" (idiomatic)
3	2)  Language:  English (idiomatic; literate)
2	3)  Language:  French (idiomatic)
3	4)  Language:  German (idiomatic)
0	5)  Language:  Hindustani (idiomatic; literate)
1	6)  Language:  Latin (completely fluent)
3	Scientist
1	1)  SS:  Botany 11-
1	2)  SS:  Chemistry 11-
1	3)  SS:  Electrical Engineering 11-
1	4)  SS:  Linguistics 11-
1	5)  SS:  Mathematics 11-
4	6)  SS:  Mechanical Engineering 14-
4	7)  SS:  Oceanography 14-
1	8)  SS:  Political Science 11-
1	9)  SS:  Zoology 11-
215	Total Powers & Skills Cost
282	Total Character Cost

75+	Disadvantages
15	Hunted:  Wanted By The British Empire 11- (Less Pow, NCI, Capture/Kill)
15	Psychological Limitation:  Hates The British Empire (Common, Strong)
10	Psychological Limitation:  Identifies With Conquered People (Uncommon, Strong)
15	Psychological Limitation:  Loyal To The Crew Of The Nautilus (Common, Strong)
10	Reputation:  Prince Dakkar, rebel/terrorist leader, 8- (Extreme)
10	Social Limitation:  Outlaw (Occasionally, Major)
132	Experience
282	Total Disadvantage Points

Background/History: Although we never learn the full story in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, Nemo proved to be such a popular character that Verne returned to him in a later book, The Mysterious Island. There, we learn that the man known as Captain Nemo was born in 1819 as Prince Dakkar of the territory of Bundelkund, in India. Educated in the finest schools of Europe, he excelled in all manner of study, arts, sciences and literature, but returned home at age 30 to help throw off the yoke of British rule.

As a loyal son of his country, in 1857 Dakkar took part in the final battle that spelled the doom of the Sepoy Rebellion, but survived. He returned home to find his whole family - wife, children, father, mother - all slain due to the actions of a traitor. Disgusted at the perfidy of mankind, he gathered about him the remains of his fortune and his twenty most trusted companions and removed himself to a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean.

Using parts ordered under false identities from industrial concerns scattered across the world, Nemo designed and built the Nautilus. Staffed by his friends and soldiers-in-arms, he embarked on a campaign of terror against those nations who attempted to subjugate their colonies across the seas. He made himself a champion of the oppressed.

In order to demonstrate his severing of the ties that formerly bound him, he took the name "Nemo" as his own, as well as developing an artificial language for the use of his crew.

When fate dropped Pierre Arronax, Conseil, and Ned Land on his doorstep, he took the opportunity to embark on a journey of scientific exploration, possibly as a way to expiate the sins he felt he had committed by making war on his foes.

Personality/Motivation: Captain Nemo is a man driven by loss - the loss of his family and his country. Whenever he comes across a vessel belonging to his hated foe, he becomes possessed by a great rage and sinks her with no compunction; afterward, he drops into a melancholy state where he fights his inner demons for peace of mind.

Nemo considers himself a champion of the oppressed, and provides funding and resources for a variety of separatist groups around the globe. The funding he gets by raiding wrecks of treasure fleets, or by mining his own resources out of the sea bed. In this respect, he bears an uncanny resemblance to certain terrorist leaders of the twentieth century. Verne was indeed a visionary of rare ability.

Quote: "I'm the law, I'm the tribunal! I'm the oppressed, and there are my oppressors! Thanks to them, I've witnessed the destruction of everything I loved, cherished, and venerated - homeland, wife, children, father, and mother! There lies everything I hate!"

Powers/Tactics: Nemo is something of a superman. Aside from being visionary genius enough to design and build the Nautilus, a submarine a century ahead of its time, he was also a skilled commander of soldiers, a statesman, a scientist, and a man of letters. When faced with adversity, Nemo considers carefully all apparent solutions, and then quickly orders the correct one to be carried out. He is a skilled warrior, considering a knife adequate protection against sharks. He is a scientist, able to invent any technology he needed to bring about his vision of living life purely by the bounty of the sea.

Against sea-going foes of oppressor nations, Nemo prefers to play cat-and-mouse, using his superior technology to cause his foes to expend their energy fruitlessly. Against British ships, Nemo issues his challenge, then holes their ships with the Nautilus' spur "like a needle through sailcloth".

Appearance: Nemo is described as a tall, well-built man with handsome features. Pictures of Captain Nemo from the original edition of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea show him with a full mustache and beard, standing somewhat taller than Ned Land. His nationality is not immediately apparent to any of the three castaways he lets on-board. He wears clothes made entirely of fibers from sea plants.

Designer's Notes: Nemo makes an excellent tragic villain figure for Pulp games. In many ways, he strongly resembles the attitudes of modern terrorist leaders, making him an interesting vehicle for social commentary in the context of the game. If you like that sort of thing.

(Captain Nemo created by Jules Verne, character sheet created by Roland Volz)

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