The GM describes Deliquesser: "[He's a] pack of radioactive Gummi worms."

Black Ice: "Black Ice establishes rapport with his pimp hand."

Michael comments on the arrangement of counters on the battlemat: "That's so appropriate—The Monster is hanging back with the zombies."

Michael comments on the arrangement of counters on the battlemat: "He's backwards."
GM: "What?"
Michael: "[These two] are both backwards."
GM: "What do you expect? They're ICoMP agents!"

Jay: "I'm going to use my Succor power."
Several people: "Soccer?"
Jay: "'Succor,' it's like Aid."
Michael: "Oh, I thought you were going to score a goal or something."

A comment on a character's [who's a ghost] SFX for a power:
Jay: "They just see a stream of protoplasm out of nowhere."
*long pause*
Michael: "Oh no!"
Nestor: "I Bukkake for Justice!"

Said stream of protoplasm (actually, ectoplasm) drops out of the air after the attack misses.
Kiloton: "You're going to have to explain this too."
Ferrous: "Birds are getting bigger every year."

Mary Tower (Koyotie's SID) offers to take a picture of Lady Libery's 'good side'.
Lady Liberty: "You should know, I don't have a good side."
Mary Tower: "Is that why you don't show up in mirrors?"

GM: "[Jade Gorgon is different. Really different."
Nestor: "Yeah, she has bumps."

GM comments on the antics of Nestor's dog: "If I had a dog like that, I'd lock it in a room and throw away the room."

Ferrous (OOC): “Pardon my Cheez-Whiz memory.”

Ferrous (OOC): “No. an Ent Roll, roll a tree.”

Ferrous: “You’re trying to be suspenseful and you’re just being boring.”

GM: “Do you have KS: Second Syndicate?”
Sidewinder: “Why should I?”
GM: “‘Cause you’re after the Second Syndicate!”

Erica Chase: “[Claymore] is the guy who almost killed Koyotie that one time.”
Burlesque (sounding worried): “What?”

Burlesque after seeing Koyotie clean out Claymore in two Phases: “Note to self, don’t get her mad at me.”

Ferrous (OOC): “Did I buy Breakfall?”
Koyote (OOC): “Yeah, it’s called putting an agent between you and the ground.”

Ferrous (OOC): “Cul-de-sac, the twrror of suburbia.”
GM:”He’s French.”
Several People: “Oh, that explains everything.”

Ghost Walker (OOC): “Oh heck, I’m going to do this my way.”
GM: “Your way?”
Koyotie (OOC): “He’s going to hit him in the head with a rock.”

Ghostwalker: “Death is rather permanent. The grave has only made two exceptions,; me and Jesus, and I’m not the nice guy.”

Secret Indian hair-growing dance.”

GM: “Burlesque is in and out.”
Ferrous (OOC): “So are all of her clients.”

Ferrous: “I didn’t know we’d reached that level in our relationship.”
Flashburn: That I can order you around?”
Ferrous: “No, thinking you can.”

Mary Tower (a.k.a. Koyotie): “How long have you been on such good terms with Flashburn?”
Ferrous: “We dated in college.”

Sidewinder: “How far did she knock me up?”

Koyotie: “Any Second Syndicate agent who tangles with me is going to regret only once, and that is continuously.”

Ferrous (OOC): “He has to be careful not to use his entire vocabulary in a single sentence.”

GM: “Well, if you want me to get all Freudian....”
Koyotie (OOC): “What? They all eat bananas while driving through tunnels?”

GM: “Flashburn is sterile, that’s what she’s crazy.”
Burlesque (OOC): “She can still get laid.”
Ferrous (OOC): “Yeah, with a lead-lined condom.”

Koyotie: “Are you doubting my people skills?”
Ferrous: “Not al all, I just want to see you in action.”

Ferrous: “It’s hard to wipe loser off of your boot.”

GM: “[character] has a stick and a knife.”
Ferrous (OOC): “So, she knows Puerto Rican foreplay?”

Black Ice: “Ghost Walker distract the guy in front of the RV.”
Ghost Walker: “The one who just got shot?”

Ghost Walker attacks a female NPC with his ectoplasm powers.
Koyotie (OOC): “Somewhere a doujin is being written.”

Black Ice: “I’m not interested in fighting these chumps.”

GM: “A large black man get into the driver’s seat. I think he notices you.”

Koyotie (OOC): “You’re Stunned and I’m not talking to you.”

Koyotie (OOC): “There’s an infinite number of stupid people who’ve played Russian Roulette.”

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