The GM to a PC: "You've got Stealth, but... you're working with Blitzkrieg."

Jay as a nameless thug (OOC): "Excuse me, I'd like to be arrested now, please."

Contained on the invitation to meet other supers: "That's too stupid to be a setup."

The St. Louis Area Night Time (All The News That's Fit To SLANT) comment on Koyotie: "I bet she does it like a weasel."

GM: "[character] Lowers himself down like a big steel spider."
Nestor (OOC): "Y'mean it's coming out of his... never mind."

Comment on Blitzkrieg's plan to "scout": "If he wants to stick his head up there and get it shot off... Be my guest."

Rule Number 1: Everyone retains their autonomy.
Rule Number Two: There is no rule number two.

Technicality got to do her first presence attack: "So far I've shown some restraint. Back off now or I'm going to Lose. My. Patience!"

GM: "Does Koyotie have a plan?"
Michael: "Heck no, I'm making this up as I go."

GM: "There's no PowerPoint in Dark Champions!"

GM: "Does your battlesuit have a USB port?"

GM: "Guns don't grow on trees."
Melanie: "The Uzi fairy brings them."

Dar'c Tangent: "Send Blitzkrieg to get her. Be discreet."
Michael: "Discreet? That's not in his vocabulary."

OOC comment on the choice of cardboard hero for a PC: "Blitzkrieg is Professor Muerte?"

Dar'c Tangent (totaling up damage to an agent): "17 BODY, 55 STUN."
Jay: "Activate clones."
Dar'c Tangent: "...and 6 inches Knockback."
GM (to said agent): "Go to your room."

Michael's comment on a trailer full of mooks: "So, this is the agent Pez dispenser?"

Nestor: "That would have been bad if I'd ended up with Mudshark on my face."

Ross: "We've got them out numbered."
Michael: "Yeah, their unconscious guys outnumber our unconscious guys."

Our heroes are relaxing at the Third Rail when Flashburn (one of the bad guys) decides to come over and sneer at Technicality.
Flashburn "You sleep in that armor? Well, you better start."
Technicality: "How's the jaw?"
Flashburn: "It's fine. I'm healing pretty quick. In fact, I won't be feeling any pain real soon now."
Technicality: "I think I can guarantee it."
Rest of the Third Rail: ...damn...
Flashburn: *Quickly chugs down drink for Dutch courage*

"Steel Claw Messenger Service"

Steel Claw applying bandages to naked Koyotie: "[The Third Rail]'s a boob... uh... a bar."

Steel Claw to the bandaged Koyotie: "If you want to compare scars we'll be here all night."

"I'd like to see Lady Liberty's tan lines."

D'arc Tangent: "I'm not drunk, the mentalist made me drunk."

Pre-game comment uttered by a player's 8 year-old. "Press "Try Me" again. That's how you turn it off."

GM to player who wanted to gloss over certain details with "I sent everyone an e-mail about it": "D'arc Tangent couldn't get her computer to work, so you have to tell her in person."

Blitzkrieg: "Maybe I put them in hospital?"
Koyotie: "Perhaps you should talk to MI-5 about what happens to Russians who get put into the hospital."

OOC comment on imagined visual of one PC delivering a message: "Is it just me, or is the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man coming at us with an envelope?"

Blitzkrieg: "Who doesn't have Erica Chase's number?"
Koyotie: "I understand you can find it on the walls of truck stop restrooms all across the state."

Koyotie: "I'll go to the airport and see if they kick any puppies."

Technicality's SID is a lawyer. Naturally, it is established her coffee mug reads : "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." (Henry VI, Part 2, 4, ii)

Koyotie's SID is Mary Tower, photojournalist for the SLANT—a local paper. Erica Chase is the SLANT's top reporter. The GM and I had some great banter as the two talked about several subjects. At one point, Erica rather awkwardly asked Mary Tower to help her cover a book-signing by the super-heroine Lady Liberty. Leading to....

Koyotie: "I thought it was a date for a minute.
Erica Chase: "Stop Thinking!"

We're all at the Third Rail (neutral ground). Flashburn (an enemy super) walks in and begins heckling Technicality:
Flashburn: Haven't you seen the news? We're buddies now!
Technicality: Really? Then let's step outside and get better acquainted. (cracks knuckles)
Flashburn: Uh, actually I like it better in here.
Technicality: That's what I thought you'd say.

The heroes have to deal with a being known as "Deliquesser", which means "to become liquid" (taken from "deliquesce"). Anyway, we eventually discover there are three of them and spent much of the session doing battle with them....

Ross: "Technicality holds up one finger with slime stretching from it to the floor."
Mike (OOC): "Looks like some sort of excretion."
Half The Room (OOC): "Yeah, but excreted from what?"

The team's "base" is in an abandoned brewery. It contains, among other things, a "beeramid" and has been called "The Beer Cave" and "The Beer Garden."

GM: "Does anyone here have Tracking?"
Mike: "Koyotie doesn't, but she's going to fake it."

Koyotie gets hit despite her 13 DCV. Mike responds: "One of these days, Koyotie needs to fight someone who can't hit her back."

GM: "This guy's like a pack of radioactive gummy worms."

Contained: "I'm a physicist, not a doctor!"

Nestor (OOC): "He landed on something pointy."
Mike (OOC): "His head?"

Ross: "We're fighting the Herculoids!"

Ross (on fighting three Deliquessers covered in slime and the associated SFX of their attacks): "This combat has 'adult movie' written all over it."

Mike: "He's still Desolid, eh? Fume and delay."

Koyotie mentions trading the drug Psi-Clone to the Second Syndicate for a "PS4."
GM: "What's a PS4?"
Michael and Josh: "A PlayStation 4."
Michael: "It's 2009, right? I figure they have a PS 4." *pause* "Just like Nintendo has the sequel to the "Wii"... the "Wii-Wii."

GM: "There's a reason she's called 'Technicality'."

OOC: "I have a great idea for a fantasy bard version of 'Fiddy Cent.' I was going to call him 'Ha'penny'."

Jay: "Does [Technicality] have the Inventor skill?"
Ross: *shakes head no*
Jay: "Good thing [Contained] does!"

Michael on the subject of using STR to resist Knockback: "I can resist 4 inches.... That sounded really dirty."

GM: "Blacklight posters look really weird in X-Ray."

Koyotie to the asylum gate guard: "Remember those guys?" *motions to where a squad of grounds security had been* "Call all of them."

Refenestrator—he throws windows through people.

GM: Does anyone have Paramedics? Above an 8-?
Mike: We don't heal damage, we inflict it!

Blitzkrieg calls Koyotie "dog-lady" one too many times. Mike had told the GM two weeks ago if he did that again, Koyotie was going to hit him. Hard.
Mike rolls 13d6 for Koyotie: 61 STUN (doubled to 122 due to being out of combat), 17 BODY, 7" of Knockback.
After Blitzkrieg wakes up: "Anyone get the name of that truck?"
Full Metal Jacket: That truck's name was Koyotie, and I suggest you don't forget it. Piece of advice son; don't piss the lady off."

Explaining why things are slightly different from the real world in the game:
GM: "[This] is the movie version of St. Louis."

Koyotie in SID is talking to Erica Chase, her reporter friend, about covering an ICoMP bust of a smuggling attempt coming up the river. Said reporter wants the two of them "embedded" with the ICoMP squad.
Mary Tower (a.k.a. Koyotie): "Do you want to be in the middle of Bagdad on a bridge over the Mississippi?"

OOC comment on Lawrence Fishburne as the voice of the Silver Surfer: "Stop trying to hit me Reed Richards, and hit me!"

FMJ is asked where someone is: "I haven't seen her... here."

"If your life you want to save, call me promptly, Burma Shave."

"Death Vengeance is played by Dee Snyder?"

"Technicality, the hard-shell hellion!"

"Hopefully they all have the gangsta code of honor and don't call the police."

"So, you rolled a 17 to tell us the plot is broken?"

Koyotie: "Just tell [the security guard] you work here, he'll believe it."
Blitzkrieg: "I'm pretty big."
Koyotie: "Tell him you're a forklift."

"Hah! Missed m--***WHACK!***"

"Yoinks and away!"

Contained: "What can I tell about the car [that hit an ice Force Wall]"
GM: "The defrosters aren't working worth a damn."

"They're not paying you enough to get leukemia. Beat feet."

"I have the Reputation 'made of radiation. It's extreme."

"I am not a cyborg!"

"21 STUN salute."

Full Metal Jacket: "I'll say it right now—it was a woman—and leave it at that."
Contained: "It always is."

GM: "She killed Ramstein... and boy is he going to be pissed."

Jay: "[Contained] has enough experience to by a new form. His detonation form."

Comments on a villain's car the PCs "acquired": "That truck is a car chase waiting to happen."

"One's white, one's black, and one's Asian. And all three can dance, even the white one."

"There's a ball of radioactive gas hugging me!"

Blitzkrieg: "I have friends, she doesn't."
Michael (OOC): "How does he just loan us out like this?"

Jay (OOC): "The last thing you want is for [Koyotie] to notice you."
Grady (GM): "Trust me, you do not want her undivided attention."

GM: "You've heard of [Stern] before. He's not a super-human, he's just an a**hole."

GM: "[Kiloton] bench-presses for charity."

Technicality tells a waitress why Full Metal Jacket won't remove his motorcycle helmet: "LARP."
Michael (as the waitress later): "He had 'larp'! It must be some sort of disfiguring disease!"

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) to Technicality about the new party member:
"Am I to understand Lightning Takashi is Yakuza?"
Technicality: *nods*
FMJ: "I'm going to go back and savor the irony."

FMJ on Lightning Takashi: "Is he a murdering sort of fella or a killing sort of fella?"
Technicality: "What's the difference?"
FMJ: "If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand."

Nestor (OOC): "There's enough woman for two people."
Michael: *makes the 'over-sharing' sign*

Jay: "Oh no, they cloned Mudshark!"

Mirage: "You have no idea what you're getting into."
FMJ: "Story of my life."

Mirage: "[Dr. Archer], I take it all of your friends are staying out of trouble."
Dr. Archer: "The night's still young."

Blitzkrieg is about to square off against Tsunami of the "Unnatural Disasters."
Jay (OOC): "Activate clones."

This leads to the following:

Ross (OOC): "What's your next character concept?"
Robert: "Bloodstain on a wall."


Michael: *points at Blitzkrieg* "Ice powers..." *points at Lightning Takeshi* ..."summons storms, and they are fighting someone named 'Tsunami.' This will not end well."

Blitzkrieg: "Hah! Panzers tickle more than that!"
Michael (OOC): "Great, now you'll meet a guy named 'Panzer.'"

The battle has begun! Blitzkrieg Teleports, while Full Metal Jacket and Technicality Leap into action (literally).
Lightning Takeshi: "I light a cigarette and start walking."

Jay: "Doc Quantum is going to grow to full height and bash his way out of the building."
Michael: "Is your battle cry 'Hey, Kool-aid!'?"

Doc Quantum tries to save Koyotie from a collapsing building.
Jay: "9 BODY on a 14d6 STR check."
Michael: "You suck as a rescue."

Technicality gets ready to throw down: "I forecast an ass-whupping followed by a 100% chance of pain."

Michael manages to get the Animal Man action figure being used to represent the 50' tall Doc Quantum set so it won't fall over on the map: "Look, he sits up now."
Ross: "All he needs is a TV dinner."

Grady (the GM) on the 50' tall Doc Quantum: "Giant-sized man-thing is no longer your friend."

Richter: "Is that supposed to hurt?"
Full Metal Jacket: "Not yet."

Technicality to someone she hit with a Flash versus hearing: "I know you can't hear me, but I'm telling you goodbye."

Nestor: "Someone get me an umbrella, it's raining bad guys."

GM: "Blitzkrieg sighted in Los Alamos."
Jay: "Hailstones the size of people fall."

Technicality utters those famous last words: "What's the worst that could happen?"

Robert (OOC): "Sooner or later we're all going to get bitch-slapped by Koyotie."
(Stated after Koyotie decked a teammate... the second time she's done so.)

Kiloton on (not) fighting the Unnatural Disasters: "It was a holding action."
Mary Tower (Koyotie): "So... you were just going to hold your ground and get hit?"

Combination soul food restaurant and pastry shop: "The Donut Ho"

GM: "Cosmic Ray blanks out for a while."
Nestor: "Great, you broke him."

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