The Abandoned Building

A package deal for quick-and-dirty bases in Dark Champions.

Dark Heroes (and villains, too) seem to have a fixation on abandoned buildings. Having been forced out of their comfortable old life into the grim world of costumed crime-fighting, they have to find a secluded spot to pursue their new agenda. Not just anyplace will do--they can't have nosy neighbors looking in on them, and as often as not they've lost their old jobs, so paying rent is out of the question. So, they have to find a patch of real estate nobody else wants, and make sure nobody notices what they're up to. Naturally, these Dark Heroes end up in the worst parts of town, setting up shop in run-down old buildings everyone else is terrified to set foot in.

Disadvantages: Why start with the disadvantages? Because that's really all these buildings have to set them apart. They're completely undeveloped to begin with, and any improvements beyond the basic package deal will have to be paid for with character points. On the bright side (yes, there is one, sort of) these disads cover all the basics, so the starting cost of the abandoned building is exactly zero. Zip. Find one you like and you can move in all your crime-fighting gear tonight, if it's not already taken.

Physical Limitation: Needs Constant Repair (All The Time; Slightly Impairing) It's definitely a "fixer-upper", and it'll take at least an hour or two a day, plus a constant drain on the petty cash fund, to keep the building from falling apart. There are holes in the ceiling, holes in the floor, the windows need to stay boarded up so nobody sees in, etc. Neglecting repairs may result in this disad getting replaced with Unluck, (causing accidents) or penalties to its disguise roll, or the building being condemned.

Physical Limitation: No Utilities (All The Time; Slightly Impairing) The place has been empty for twenty years and you expect the toilet to work? Sorry. You'll have to improvise something. Same thing for lights, heat, and water. Fortunately, heroes are a resourceful lot, and they always seem to figure something out. Oddly, nobody ever seems to notice the strange lights in that old building that's been dark for as long as anyone can remember....

Social Limitation: Secret Hideout (Infrequently; Severe) Having a secret hideout is similar to having a secret identity. If someone discovers the secret, you're in big trouble, and you'll have to move out in a big hurry. This might not happen very often, but when it does, there's no telling how much gear you'll have to leave behind, or what kind of information about you might be found in the old hideout after you're gone.

Vulnerability: High explosives (x 1 1/2 BODY) These old buildings don't have much structural integrity at all. If any serious ordinance hits them, they're toast. But hey, you can always go find another one if you survive the building's collapse.

Characteristics: DEF/BODY: This example building is concrete-block construction throughout, DEF 6, BODY 5.

SIZE: The building is approximately 200 hexes. It has four levels of 50 hexes each, one of which is underground. (see perks)

Skills: Disguise 15- This building looks completely normal, and any activity inside would be difficult to notice.

Grounds: x1 base size. The 200 hexes of grounds includes the 50 hexes of roof space.

Location: Underground (partial coverage; -3 levels) One fourth of the base is underground; it has a 50-hex basement.

The total cost of the abandoned building is 55 points, which is covered by its 55 points of disadvantages. Additional skills, perks, or powers must be paid for with character points, or by taking more disadvantages.

Val Char Base Points Total Roll Notes
5 BODY 2 3 5 10-
6 DEF 2 12 6
7 SIZE 0 14 7 Length 20.16", Width 10.08", Area 203.19" DCV -8
Cost Powers END
0 Grounds (x1 Base Size)
11 Location: City; Modifier Underground (20 Active Points); Partial coverage (-3 levels; -3/4)
15 Disguise 15-
Total Powers & Skills Cost: 26
Total Cost: 55
0+ Disadvantages
15 Physical Limitation: Needs constant repair All the Time, Slightly Impairing
15 Physical Limitation: No utilities (All the Time, Slightly Impairing)
15 Social Limitation: Secret hideout Occasionally (8-), Severe
10 Vulnerability: 1 1/2x BODY explosions (Common)
Total Disadvantages Points: 55

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