American Dreamer The Who The Real Me
Blackheart Dave Matthews When the World Ends (Oakenfold remix)
Blackout Garbage Not My Idea (of a Good Time)
Claymore Sisters of Mercy Detonation Boulevard
Cosmic Ray Mickey Newbury Just Dropped In
Deadbolt Poe Angry Johnny
Death Vengeance MC 900 Ft Jesus w/DJ Zero Real Black Angel
Deliquesser KMFDM Virus
Disaster Boy Ned's Atomic Dustbin What Gives My Son?
Erica Chase Concrete Blonde Probably Will
Flashburn Siouxie and the Banshees Overground
Gourmet Ned's Atomic Dustbin Throwing Things
Hardball Tin Machine Under the God
ICoMP Agents Lard Drug Raid at 4AM
Lady Liberty The Guess Who American Woman
Mirage Oakenfold Dread Rock
Mudshark Nazareth Hair of the Dog
Raptor Machines of Loving Grace Butterfly Wings
Roughneck Jethro Tull Steel Monkey
Second Syndicate Agents Black Sabbath The Mob Rules
Shiva Prodigy Smack My Bitch Up
Shockwave Marilyn Manson This Is the New Shit
Steel Claw Gravity Kills Blame
Thunderbolt Rage Against the Machine Calm Like a Bomb
Vixen Gravity Kills Never Enough (Critter's Carnal remix)

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