1) As most of the group is most definitely from "out of town", how long have you been in St. Louis, and what sort of living arrangements do you have there?

2) What kind of "regular" work are you doing, if any? I know for a couple of the characters, this isn't really possible, so if you could, just tell me what your daily/nightly routine consists of.

3) What sort of crime-fighting activities is your character already involved in at the start of the game? Investigative work? Random patrols? All-out warfare? (Let's try to start out low-key, alright?)

4) Does your character prefer to work solo (or with a partner in the case of Nestor and Melanie) or is he/she actively seeking out other independent crime-fighters? If so, how are they going about the search?

5) Finally, assuming someone (other than a hunted) was looking for your character, where would they most likely be found, if they'd be found at all?

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