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In ancient times, cartographers had no idea what lay beyond the edges of their quaint 2-d maps, so they simply wrote "Here be monsters." Uncharted waters were the home of perilous creatures that waylaid ships and preyed upon wayward travelers who strayed too far from the safety of familiar seas. In time, however, all the seas were charted, the maps lost that mysterious edge, and the monsters faded into legend.

Today, humanity travels the deeper, darker ocean of space, infinite in all directions, too vast for any chart to encompass. But like the travelers of old, men still answer the the call to brave those endless depths. They go forth seeking extravagant treasure, forbidden secrets of the Universe, or simply to find their own answer for the age-old question:

"What's Out There?"

Having now entered that eternal abyss, mankind has once again seen monsters. And looking back from the darkest reaches of the cosmos, they have seen us as well.

Welcome to Terran space, three centuries from today...

Artificial space colonies orbit distant stars while terraformers labor to create new worlds for humanity. Bizarre aliens come to trade exotic goods unknown to Terran technology. And the lifeless, charred husk of mankind's homeworld slowly cools in the dark, silent void of a dead star system.

Terracide is science-fiction adventuring on a grand scale. After the total loss of its Home System, humankind must find a way to survive in a hostile galaxy. No one knows who destroyed Terra, or why, and they're stillout there...somewhere in the infinite darkness. But human nature never changes, and man's worst enemy in this crisis may turn out to be himself.

Written for HERO System 6th Edition, Terracide is an original setting for Star Hero from Blackwyrm Games. The Terracide sourcebook includes a timeline of mankind's expansion into interstellar space, descriptions of the star systems of Terran Space, major organizations, alien species, and life in the 24th century colonies. For HERO System players, Terracide has new character templates, sample characters, martial arts styles, equipment, and spacecraft commonly seen in Terran Space.

Terracide and all related characters and material (unless otherwise noted) are copyright © 2011 Grady Elliott and BlackWyrm Games. Permission granted for private use only. It cannot be distributed for profit or included in any distribution media other than the Internet or private BBS systems. Terracide cannot be distributed on printed matter. You are allowed to print a few copies for personal use of your RPG gaming group only.

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