Note that this timeline is for the Silent Möbius Zeta setting only. Up until 2026, the events listed are true to the original series, after that things divirge.

'many, many years ago' Repeated contact between Earth and Nemesis
1970 Osaka International Expo; construction begins on new technological defenses for Toyko. Completed 1999.
1974 Tooru Washiro born.
1991 January 9-15 - Approximate date that Yuki Saito is sent to by a Entity in Side 4 "Labyrinth".
Rally Cheyenne born.
1992 Date of the "televised magician's conference'
Gilgelf Liqueur first meets Fuyuka Hadzuki
1993 Rosa Cheyenne born
Approximated date for the last time Grospolonia saw Rally before being released in 2027.
1997 Date for 'The mistake made 29 years ago', according to Side 1, "Cyber Psychic City".
1999 Mobius Klien Side 0
March - Ganossa destroys Narita Airport
July 3 - it snows across the Kanto Plain.
July 6, Noon - Ganossa opens a dimensional gate to Nemesis.
Death of Teres Bahji
Death of Shiobara Ichirou.
July 7, Midnight - Project Gaia's intended start date.
Presumed first time Rally Cheyenne and Ganossa meet.
2000 Re-emergance of Entities in force
2001 March 18 - Lebia Mavelick born.
2005 September 4 - Kiddy Phenil born.
2006 Death of Gilgelf Liqueur, Grospolina sealed away
August 1 - Katsumi Liqueur born.
2008 June 26 - Nami Yamigumo born.
2010 September 10 - Yuki Saiko born.
2017 Rosa Cheyenne leaves for Nemesis
Ylper Project canceled.
2019 Replicant rebellion in Los Angeles.
2022 Kiddy Phenil first meets Wire,becomes a cyborg.
2023 Formation of the Attacked Mystification Police
Linda Maverick joins the AMP
Nami Yamigumo joins the AMP
Kiddy Phenil joins the AMP
2024 Dec 29 - Katsumi Liqueur travels to Tokyo to meet her ailing mother.
Death of Katsumi's mother
2025 Katsumi Liqueur joins the AMP
Yuki Saiko joins the AMP
Yuki Saiko meets Tooru Washiro for the 'first' time. They are introduced by a 'Mr. Fudusanya.
2026 Silent Möbius begins (manga)
April - possible beginning of Side 1 "Cyber Psychic City".
June 26 - Nami given the Kirin Dagger.
Termination of Wire.
Amara Asano's parents killed by entity attack in San Francisco.
2027 Katsumi recovers Grospolonia.
Destruction of Police 65.
The AMP moves into Police 00.
Deaths of Doug and Hiroko.
Death of Annie the Esper Weapon.
Rosa Cheyenne reappears.
Miko Akizuki joins the AMP.
Noriko Kobayashi joins the AMP
2028 Date given for Silent Möbius the Movie 1
Nami given the Sword of the White Tiger.
Yuki sent into the past via the Labyrinth coffee mill.
Destruction of the Spires.
Formation of the Los Angeles Division of the AMP.
Katsumi Liqueur , Kiddy Phenil, Linda Maverick transferred to LA.
Amara Asano joins the AMP (Los Angeles), transferred to Mega-Tokyo
2029 Miko Akizuki transferred to Los Angeles.
2030 Amara Asano transferred back to Los Angeles
Alvin Jenner joins the AMP
Aye Tehano joins the AMP (Los Angeles), transferred to Mega-Tokyo
Silent Möbius Zeta begins (original campaign)
Takao Miyamoto joins the AMP
Takahashi Jones joins the AMP
Bo Zhao joins the AMP
Takahashi Jones is transferred to Los Angeles
2031 Formation of the Osaka Division of the AMP
Mana Isozaki joins the AMP
Angela Ellis joins the AMP
Jamadagni Renuka joins the AMP
Shiko Tomoe joins the AMP
Carmen Ibenez joins the AMP
Fei Chan joins the AMP
2031-2033 During this time period, Bo Zhao returns to Hong Kong, forming a paranormal taskforce of her own. Angela returns to New York, to try and create a similar division within the NYPD. Aye Tehano returns to Los Angeles, becoming station chief. Katsumi Liqueur and Kiddy Phenil return to Tokyo, resuming their original posts as AMP officers. Aye quickly recruits a new crop of AMP officers. They are: Gabrial Yana Malak, Harumito Oshiro, Malia Gutierrez and Manon Dérouléde.
2033 Silent Möbius Zeta LA 2033 begins

Events are listed by year, and then in order of occurrence per year.

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