1. Never visit Mega-Tokyo.
  2. If you do visit Mega-Tokyo, don't go to places that were modeled after "Blade Runner" movie sets.
  3. In fact, don't leave home, period.
  4. Remember, the sound effects in the manga aren't supposed to make sense.
  5. Never date an AMP officer.
  6. Ganossa Maximilian is a badass.
  7. If you ever see someone standing - unsupported - on top of a lamp post, telephone pole, utility pole or tree, run.
  8. People with one word names (Wire, Compiler) can kick your ass.
  9. Gravitons rule; they're even better than shotguns (well, maybe).
  10. Note that the Graviton only needs three shots.
  11. Any weapon with a personal name (Grosspolonia, Jesso, Medium) is not to be trifled with.
  12. If you are an AMP officer and have a cool device of any kind (spinner, AI, talking sword), don't get too attached to it. It won't last.
  13. If all else fails, tell Lebia to hit it with the orbital laser.
  14. It rains in Tokyo 365 days a year.
  15. The weather in Tokyo sucks.
  16. Worst job in Tokyo: AMP cop.
  17. Second worse job in Tokyo: Normal cop.
  18. Third worst job in Tokyo: Ganossa's apprentice and/or assistant.
  19. If you're an AMP officer, your life - as you know it - may be subject to sudden, unexplained changes.
  20. Did I mention that Kiddy kicks ass?
  21. Don't make Rally Cheyenne mad, you'll regret it. Especially if you're her sister.
  22. If you see Katsumi Liqueur just standing there chanting - and you're an Entity - you're screwed.
  23. If someone near you opens his mouth real wide... duck.
  24. Oh, and just say no to Dommel. It like, makes you go bizarre or something.
  25. Becoming an AMP officer instantly gives you the figure of a swimsuit model. It must be the uniform.
  26. If you see a stray Megadyne and there's no AMP officer around, pray, pray that his warranty is about to run out.
  27. The cuter the AMP officer, the higher the chance she can kick your ass.
  28. Mana's Spinner rules!
  29. Just don't let Mana drive it.
  30. All coffee shops are spotless, even if the rest of town is a trash pit.
  31. Kiddy carries two Gravitons... this makes her like a female Chow Yun-Fat or something.

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